My nervous system is so very stimulated!! Having just completed an intermediate series of Ashtanga with Jodi Blumstein on YogaGlo, it feels like electricity runs throughout my entire existence. Watching the muscles work, feeling my pieces move, awakening my everything, even my skin, is like the best treat for Mother’s Day. But, the entire day’s been a divine treat, like the best cookie on Earth!

We shall hereby divulge the exciting details of said day.

She sleeps so hard, like does her mommy…unwake-able by anything but FOOD (etc)., and FOOD (etc). is not offered at 4am!

23 miles later… freaking happier than anything.

With my baby at brunch. Can you tell that we have addictive personalities? How many times have we ventured to Eden in the past three weeks for the.same.exact.meal? Hehehe.

Becky came, too, because she had a get-out-of-jail-free card! Yeah! A Pretty Girl drinking her pretty Red Fox… so focused!

Ah! I ordered tempeh bacon in place of my standard almond mushroom sausage! Deliciously salty and chockfull of protein! And from a process standpoint, I’m a dipper. So like I dip my regular vegan sausage into the salad dressing that I have put onto the side, I dipped my bacon! And it was so very divine!!

This is what we do for real when NOT offering cheesy smilies for the bloggie… btw that dress is an XS and my former summertime “date” dress from the olden skinny girl yoga days. I almost can’t believe it fits again… and with room to spare!

Oh, how I love Becky, let me count the ways! By the way, her dog Bella bought today’s brunch. Thank you, Bella.  🙂

And now here’s a BIG story for you! I almost almost almost almost did not order my regular raw mushroom burger for brunch. I ALMOST ordered tacos. Because yesterday, a jaw-dropping friend asked me about the new hot restaurant, TAKO, and I’ve therefore had tacos on my brain. When I spied someone eating a vegan taco as we entered brunchland, I thought I’d do the tacos for brunch. But brunch, for me, must be light and happy! And tacos seemed more like a dinner-nourishing delight. I can never ever ever fathom ordering tacos from any joint, even an upscale cool place like Tako, because, well, I don’t trust that everything is done the way that I want it to be done… vegan, healthfully, beautifully, with love! But at Eden, I do trust it as such, and because it exists on the BRUNCH menu, offered only until 2pm, I ordered it for my late night DINNER.

So we paid our bill and I poured water onto the ground because Gwendolyn didn’t drink all of hers, and Becky exclaimed, “That is beautiful!” So I snapped a picture of the artwork that we created. So happy.

The best tacos on Earth did not last for very long. 🙂

Absolute food pornography.

Formally identified: “Mushroom Chorizo Tacos… Vegan chorizo sausage made of almond meal, spices and mushrooms. Along with cabbage slaw, cashew cream, and avocado.”

And then we took a big fat nap. 🙂

And tonight’s yoga practice. I worked on Krounchasana. It makes me so happy because it’s pronounced as “crown-cha-sana.” So it makes me feel like a princess. CROWNED! It’s the second pose in the regimented Ashtanga intermediate series.

Mind you, I have exactly 10 second from pressing GO on the camera to running and posing, but something about my lower back made me want to sit straighter, to extend higher! These pictures and posing in literally nothing really help me to adjust. Practicing without a hands-on teacher is “ruff,” and the camera is definitely assisting my progress. A little bit straighter? Maybe… but there’s much hard work to be done.

Don’t worry. I won’t wear Vera Wang black panties in these posts forever. I’ve just ordered some cute little yoga girl numbers from Alo Yoga. I think they’ll do wonderfully for expanding of my practice because I’ll be able to SEE my body and adjust accordingly. Again, practicing alone is super challenging, but it’s wonderful, too, for reasons that I shall not even begin to explain in this itty bitty post!!

Oh yes, and Mother’s Day. 🙂

And today… mother’s day is very relaxed. And I practice yoga with my daughter…

And I can’t stop smiling because everything fits like it should.

Have a good day, and namaste. 🙂