“You love Ayn Rand and practice yoga? Isn’t that a contradiction?”

A guy on OkCupid emailed this, maybe a year ago. And I never replied to his great question because I didn’t know how to reply. I mean, I know that thinking rationally is the only way that my brain works; and I know that black and white thinking rejects the emotional state that seems to characterise most yoga practitioners and therefore the general conception of yoga. Take for instance, the cover of Mantra Magazine.

  • “Transforming Anger.”
  • “Feeling Your Fear.”
  • “Sinéad O’Connor: Empowering Girls.”
  • “Conscious Divorce.”

The last one really stands out. What the hell is divorce if it’s not conscious? This magazine, like all of the others, just seems mopey to me, like something that is trying to pull feelings out of the human being, creating problems instead of zest. Is that yoga? For some yes. For most yes. Not for me.

I’ve been so zest lately. Riding as compliment to yoga has turned my days and nights into something that’s created a reduction on coffee. I’m so alive that drinking more than a cup or two causes me to feel jittery. I am constantly enthused. Peaceful. Grateful. Clear. Additionally, Atlas Shrugged makes me so zen. I brush my hair more slowly and don’t freak about my schedule because I know I’ll get it done because I know who I am.

“She looked away, noticed an old crane on a siding, and thought that its cables were worn and would need replacing: This was the great clarity of being beyond emotion, after the reward of having felt everything one could feel… now she was free for the simplest, most commonplace concerns of the moment, because nothing could be meaningless within her sight.” (Atlas Shrugged, P. 171).

I’ve begun focusing on the pleasurable things that matter. This is what bicycling does to me. This is what Atlas Shrugged does to me. And yoga, well, that is my soul. The three together just work. With that, I’ll show you some of the amazing pleasures of this week.

Dressed for the baseball game!

Drinks first:) … zoom to see me and Becky!

Dinner, too! It was a buffet. Delicious selections! I loved the crab-stuffed hush puppy!

Becky filled her chaotic plate with apple cobblers!

Of course.

The winners!

I liked this part of the game so much! So friendly!

Tofu burritos on the go!



Big hair Saturdays.

I had the biggest hair of anyone in line at Starbucks.

And the long line didn’t frustrate me. I just stood there, talking to the handsome guy in front of me. And then it was time for coffee!

I sometimes use storefronts as mirrors.

Shopping for you know who:)

Returning to you know who:)

Great lunches.

Yoga! And manis.

And the epic Sunday ride.

Have a good day, and namaste:)