This is the most exciting blog post that I’ve ever written. Striking the keyboard, my fingers are quickly recording passionate thoughts. Heart is racing. Brain is planning. And I simply must share the story of this morning with you!

It was 5am. We lay in our warm bed, snuggling. Me and my little doggie. Suddenly, roused from her deep slumber, Gwendolyn jumped to the ground!


Woo translates to many things, based on occasion, most often being, “I want a cookie,” as she implied yesterday.

But this morning, it meant something different. She wanted to go for a walk. In five degree temperatures. Rightly, I ignored her until the second “Woo”, realising that she actually needed to be outside. So, we dressed, darting for a walk.

“Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.” As Gwendolyn went about her business, I heard this most odd sound! “What the hell?” I questioned in a whisper. “Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.” Thinking perhaps an animal was injured, mucking about in the snow, I searched. My ears, following the sound, led my eyes to the river. As I focused on the river, the cold wind and dark skies put my head into a different time and place. It was the Titanic, after crashing into the iceberg. Remembering that “crunch” sound as Kate Winslet bid farewell to Leonardo DiCaprio, my eyes stared. Feeling that same bitter cold watching the movie as watching the river today, my mouth froze. Entranced, I listened, observing in silence.

And I immediately needed my camera.

So we RAN home, at lightening speeds! Grabbed the camera. Ran back. And captured the moment, affording the sun absolutely no time to rise.

Yesterday’s ice was melting. Flowing downstream, crashing against the pillars of the bridge, it was disappearing into the water for eternity. Like everything did on the Titanic. “Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.” Just twelve hours earlier, I captured this image for a friend.

Life. Opportunity. Vibrance.

It never occurred to me, that when day turned into night, and into morning again, that everything would be so different. That yesterday’s beauty would go away. My brain literally froze, imagining that people once existed in similarly cold waters, hanging onto their lives, knowing there would be no more chance for doing everything that their little hearts desired. And although the historical reality is very tragic, the lesson is monumental.

Do everything now.

Live in the present. Plan for the future. Be vibrant, happy, and fulfilled. Everything that I want to do shall be better with yoga. I cannot imagine a single activity being the highest of quality without my practice. The past two years have sucked. So that’s why I’m finding my yoga: to yield passionate living with excitement around every corner. My kind of excitement.

Totally bright and shining, nearly two hours later, I’m writing a list of things that I want. Where to go, what to do, how to leave a footprint on this Earth, how to better love my family and friends… do yoga, drink wine, write my book, sell my book, be happy… etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

And as the sun begins to rise, I realise that my dog has taught me yet another lesson. Listen to her Woos. 😉

What do you want?