A White Christmas it is! The best Christmas EVER! Please, allow me to share with you, the details, on exactly how white it is! Last night, on Christmas Eve, we attended a party, hosted by the whitest labrador retriever in all of the land!

Her name is Sophie. And she presented us with the most gorgeous of culinary spread!

Oh la la.

Girlfriends, celebrating the most magical time of the year!

Posing with the hostess with the mostess.

Someone tiny became enormously jealous.

Seriously, Gwendolyn can be a dick. 🙂

Pretty Becky wanted to pose with the pretty white hostess, too.

Me and my girls and my sexy shoes!

Next morning, aka CHRISTMAS, delivered a ravenous craving for iceberg lettuce, ha ha ha! Icebergs are white, right?

And a Peloton ride with my sisters #WillRide4Cosmos, #CeceYogi, and #JalapenoGirl.

This was me, POST ride. PRE shower. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!

White Christmas, continued.

Gwendolyn is a pressie vulture!!

Oh la la!!

My 10-year, 2-month, 14-day old baby. This makes my heart smile.

Smiling even harder.

And harder!

White cups by Starbucks, containing beautiful coffee that must be kissed in selfies!!

HardAF yoga poses.

White Christmas sweaters!

White snow. (note the change in wardrobe as we could not dirty her xmas pressie).

White drinks, (to be had now with Fuller House on Netflix, yes Gary Vaynerchuk, we are slacking on Christmas, he he he).

A throwback to 2010. 🙂 We both had voluptuous breasts and hips.

And our favourite physical Christmas present of this year. Gwendolyn socks.

Cannot handle the gratitude that I have for everything. Thank you.

Merry Christmas.

Namaste. 🙂