Hello, dear blog loves! It has been so very long since our last correspondence. On the 2nd of September, on the 72nd birthday of Atlas Shrugged, I completed my masterpiece, a book about my former eating disorder which consumed 19 years and 12 days to write. And now I am so light and free and happy! It is my goal to be the number one book in the USA on Christmas morning. It will be published in November, and I shall be chuffed to earn your readership.

Now a few comments on the state of the world.

When did air conditioning become a right? Earlier this week, the Pittsburgh Public Schools dismissed sessions prematurely because temperatures were hot, and the schools did not have air-conditioning. Excuse me, but from 1991 to 1994, I attended an elementary school with air conditioning NOT, yet we never incurred early dismissal! Do I sound like an old person? “When I was your age, we walked two miles to school through snow and sleet and heat!” Or do I sound like a human who is grateful versus entitled. Damnit. These kids are going to turn into wimps and Democrats.

Gwendolyn. She turns 11 next month. My baby is almost 11! Her last real cancer scare happened in February. Managing on a concoction of Chinese herbs, she seems to be ageing in reverse. Lady Gwendolyn Benjamin Button! Last week we had a fake scare, as it turned out to be a bug bite versus a mast cell tumour.

Bob Woodward. I mean, his new ridiculous book can mean only one good thing, right? That Robert Sexy Redford will play him again? Ha ha ha! What a joke, Woodward! #NixonIsInnocent.

Nike. A disgrace. My Vapor Max IIs blew, causing blisters and stink, and I am pleased to have trashed them after the loser footballer’s new campaign unleashed. New Balance, I am so sorry for cheating on you! But I am back. For good. 🙂

The new op ed in the failing New York Times is but one thing: TREASON. I am currently watching CNN for comedic value, and it is making my head spin versus providing comedic relief.

THUSLY, I shall finish my viewing of the AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING Won’t You Be My Neighbor? documentary about the incredible Fred Rogers. “Love is at the root of everything – all learning, all parenting, all relationships. Love or the lack of it. And what we see and hear on the screen is part of who we become.”

I really needed to get that off of my chest! What’s new with you, and will you read my book?