“I am spartacus.” ???


I needed to address that item firstly because it would otherwise be the elephant in the room. Sorry, elephants, for comparing you to this idiot!

What I really want to discuss is what do lesbian conservatives think of Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh?

It is obvious that Democrats have NOT the ability to render practical judgement and have NOT the ability to avoid politicising of these confirmation hearings. Why do Dems seem so childish to me? Am I alone?

I love my human best friend Rebecca madly. But after listening to Kavanaugh’s opening statement where he became emotional when offering thanks to his friends and family who have helped him to keep his head held as high during the past month of being thrashed by liberals and by the Fake News Media, I decided that he was amazing, and I needed to divulge of this revelation to Rebecca. Kavanaugh seems like a respectable family man, like one from Sewickley, the old money town in which I formerly lived. I really liked what I heard. He loves his wife. His children. The basketball team that he coaches. And his career. Oh yes, and he discussed that his mother was a teacher to a predominantly black class when it was not the norm. And that she is the TRUE Judge Kavanaugh. He sits very nicely in my brain.

So I texted Rebecca.

Me: I love Judge Kavanaugh!

Rebecca: Why?

Me: good man. exceptional judge. he almost broke into tears just now when thanking his friends and family who have helped him to keep his head high in the past month. even the senator whose hero is RBG is confirming him!

Rebecca: I meant issues like gay marriage, abortion…

Me, in my brain: Are you f*cking serious?

Me, in text reply: His beliefs have nothing to do with interpreting the law. He can believes as he feels right.

Then we changed the subject to essiac tea and our dogs, as we always do when we disagree on the state of the world. Ha ha ha! So I am writing this post as a sophisticated thought bubble to get my thoughts off of my chest!

As Kavanaugh has clearly stated, the job of a justice is to interpret the law. Without political or otherwise bias. So why do Dems have their panties in a bunch? Even if the very low low low probability happens of turning abortion decisions back over to the states, can’t you just drive across the border to have what you seek? And on gay marriage. Can’t you do the same? I don’t think it’s practical to assume that a judge will zoom in to turn over things that no longer have relevance. Abortion and gay marriage are items of yesteryear. I mean, my OkCupid profile allows me to pick from about 20 different genders. Really?!

Dems in the Senate seem like a waste of space and money to me.

I am definitely voting a straight Republican ticket in November.

How about you?

And, any and all conservative lesbians, I shall love to hear your stance on this. Mind you, I completely love the gay marriage law, and I celebrate your love, too. Namaste.