this afternoon, we worked from starbucks.

the air was cool, the hot tea was magical, and the nuts were scrumptious.

the people were fantastic.  they were so kind.

  1. five handsome fellows, all unrelated to each other, offered to buy me “second cups of coffee,” realising that i couldn’t leave my outside station.
  2. a lady told me of her sister’s struggle with bulimia.
  3. a man asked if his children could pet gwendolyn, returning to his car for said kids who pet her for 15 minutes.
  4. a man mentioned gwendolyn’s grey snout, mentioned his grey hair, then said that i must get lots of dates because of her. 🙂
  5. the drive-thru girl re-filled my hot water even though i forfeited refill privileges by leaving the property to walk gwendolyn.
it was just so nice, peaceful, and lovely.
everyone smiled.  and i felt happy to be clean, to be thoughtful, to be the real me.
what KIND observations did you make today? 
executive gwendolyn.
meet my senior vice president of sales: gwendolyn. 🙂

© nicole marie story and, 2011.