Hi. 🙂  This evening, I did something that I never thought I’d do in my life.

vrschikasana in pincha mayurasana!!!!!!!!!

That’s forearm stand with knees bent, toes touching to my HEAD!! Wowza. 🙂

Yes, I am so very super committed to the regimented Ashtanga system, but somewhere between today’s planned full primary series, full vinyasa method, I felt BORED. So I dwindled over to drink some H2O, and then, when very inappropriately checking my silenced iPhone messages, I googled “ashtanga second series pics,” and something super cool of pincha mayurasana with a scorpion twist queried. So I thought, “Ok, let’s try it.”

And I couldn’t stop (trying it).

Next try, failure. Can you see me stomping my hands like a little girl? ha ha ha!

Next try, both feet touched my head, and I could hardly believe it. In fact, I’m smiling in this picture. 🙂

So freaking excited, I put cookies onto the ground so that someone gorgeous would join in the photo shoot. 🙂

Gwendolyn does not give a damn about my yoga. 🙂

But she does love my lip gloss. 🙂

And that might be my favourite yoga picture ever…

And more fun ones exist…

Yoga is not perfection. But yoga helps us to experience perfection in our lives. And that is just so wonderful! Thank you all for your love. Have a good day, and namaste. xo