returning to pittsburgh, i felt comfortable and happy, for the first time ever, as my brain consciously selected the verbiage of, “nicole, you are only returning to pittsburgh.  you are not driving home.”

during my eating disorder, when coming back from anything, from work, from school, from chicago, from a binge fest, i would always feel slightly awkward for not considering pittsburgh as “home.”  pittsburgh just never felt quite right to me.

after bulimia ended, the feelings of displacement remained.  and, i felt worse because i didn’t love this city which is beautiful.

but now, i know.  my geographical love and future home is new york.

i was so happy to leave new york because it means one day closer until i’ll be there permanently.

gwendolyn, on the other hand, was genuinely sad because she doesn’t understand that we’ll be back, and soon.  🙂

during the next few days, i shall post entries on my new york thoughts, on the hotel accommodations, and other things travel related that could enhance your future experiences!

we encountered the time of our lives during this brief holiday!  gwendolyn and i have set the goal to be in new york, permanently, by february of 2013.

how do you feel about your childhood town?  did you, or will you move?  why or why not?  

© nicole marie story and, 2011.