Once upon a time, two Italian girls concocted a wicked plan to abduct Becky to celebrate friendship over a fabulous Italian dinner! Outfitting their bodies in romantic summer dresses and scarves, the girls decided on Pino’s, a restaurant in Pointe Breeze that came highly recommended.

Becky, the abductee!

The restaurant owner, Joseph Mico, knew exactly how to earn a raving review! He served Italian dog first. Water. And a special arrangement of vegetables, discussed carefully to ensure dog approval. The website says it best: “When Chef isn’t in the kitchen he can be found at the East Liberty and Bloomfield Farmers’ Markets foraging for as much local produce as he can get.” This fact plus Joseph’s Calbrian smile made Italian dog’s dinner all the more compelling! 

Italian dog thought her boyfriend was coming, so she ordered pasta for that ‘Lady and the Tramp’ kiss.

But when he didn’t show, Italian dog said “woo.”

Becky ordered vegan Beans and Greens. Italian girl said something funny.

Then Italian girl enjoyed two delicious glasses of Shiraz, changing her mind about previously ordered pasta (wasn’t really for the dog), having it wrapped to go, replacing her entrée with a copy of Becky’s beans and greens! 😉

Becky ordered something else that was quite pretty. The Vegetable Board! A collection of “Chef’s selection of farmers’ market seasonal roasted vegetables.” Green goddess dressing in the middle. A perfect dressing for a perfect goddess!

Italian girls.


A perfect night! A perfect restaurant! A perfect experience.

Two Italian Girls will totally be back for more.