Gwendolyn wasn’t so sure about the new look. But, she totally gave-in when I told her the mop is for donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths for creation of a donation wig to someone who really needs it. This is the third wig that I’ve created in my lifetime. My grandmother. My great-aunt. My second-cousin. A fellow puggle-mommy. And, a good friend slash greyhound mommy have all been touched by breast cancer. So I’ll be damned if I can’t donate a big head of hair, something of which I’ve always been renowned for to help ladies feel better about themselves during the hair loss and regrowth process.

Plus it’s just so liberating!!!!!!!!! In the past years, I’ve gone to my very trusted hair stylist Larry to do the CHOP job. But, this time, I craved to wreck myself just a little bit. I wanted the high of doing something dangerous, of messing with my aesthetics! So many bulimics claim their purging exists to get a high. So many girls who cut themselves claim the same. That was never the case with me. That was always hell. But snipping away at my big mop? Oh, it was so much fun!

I can wear it straight, curly, or a combination thereof. In fact, I was going for a 1930s sleek atop / messy on bottom / post crash of the stock market and can’t afford a gorgeous in-home stylist look; and, based on this grand article (10 Screen Sirens Whose 1930s Hairstyles Took Our Breath Away), I’m pretty certain that I’ve achieved my goal!

We’ll see. I have a girl date later this week. Lots of girls. Lots of martinis. Lots of fun! The proof will be in the pictures.

But, really, the proof is in the pudding… in the wig that gets made from my locks. I’m so super excited to have done this myself, this time, and I can’t wait for 2020 or so to contribute to the next one.

Have a good day, and namaste.

What do you think about my crazy hair? 🙂