I bought a Powerball ticket from the gasoline station today. As the sales girl presented my ticket, she exclaimed, “Win big, babe!” Her commentary made me smile oh so much. Such divine enthusiasm and kindness. She genuinely wants for me to win, I could read it. And oh, if I do win, it shall make my heart dance to gift her with a nice stack of cash.

That said, the drawing happened over 37 minutes ago, but I feel compelled NOT to check my numbers, as today felt like the Powerball.

It started with a visit to Starbucks with my girl (stay tuned for upcoming Podcast coverage). Speaking of Podcast, are you subscribing to my show on iTunes? Please click here to start your subscription: The Yoga Ballerina Show.

Next up? A super gorgeous ride with my Pelo Yoga loves, Cece and Hélène. Instructed by the amazingly talented Jennifer Jacobs.

Sweaty sweaty!

Followed by YOGA. I did the standing sequence of the primary series of Ashtanga yoga. No wait. I did this BEFORE the bike ride. Ha ha! But I snapped these pictures for Instagram AFTER the ride. Hence the wet hair. Minor details.

Check out my little photo bomber. 🙂

And then we took off! To rescue Becky and Bella! As Bella’s Uber driver, I needed to wear my Bella pitbull earrings.

BFFs! Do you love our matching Bella earrings?

Posing with the beauty queens.

And then drama happened. Both dogs decided to fill the front seats. Completely fucking hilarious.

Came home to complete a second ride plus the finishing sequence of the Ashtanga method. I simply love rolling all over my spine in the shoulder standing sequence. It feels so good!

And then fun. Fun. Fun.

Booze before food.

Fish sticks on demand.

And lunch is served, about one hour later!

So freaking beautiful.

Did some work! Watched a film! One True Thing starring Meryl Streep (even though she makes me want to hurl aside from her perfect performance in The Deer Hunter – oh and I also enjoyed her in Out of Africa with Robert Redford, hubba hubba – and in The Bridges of Madison County – how on Earth did Clint Eastwood put up with her nastiness to the Rs, I wonder?), Renée Zellweger, and William Hurt.

Formal description of the film by iTunes: “Join Academy Award winners Meryl Streep and William Hurt, along with Renée Zellweger, for an unforgettable look at the pleasure, pain and ultimate joy of being a family. When crisis confronts Katherine and George Gulden, they turn to their grown daughter, Ellen, for support. An ambitious New York journalist, Ellen at first rejects the idea of returning home. But once there, Ellen embarks on a journey of self-discovery that will change her forever. Uplifting and humorous, One True Thing is filled with the power of genuine passion.”

But we feasted and fell into slumber so have no recollection of the film, hehe. We shall view it in a few moments. This happened before our slumber.

We awoke at 9pm.

A divine walk! Fetched dinner! (to be eaten around 2am). Did a bike ride! Because I’m psycho and wanted more mileage and had the energy.

And now we sit for the film du jour. With a martini and comfy pajamas. And love galore.

Today is my Powerball.