Oh my!! Tonight’s practice registers as the sweetest practice EVER. A shortie, and such a goodie! Following a GORGEOUS Britney Spears-themed Peloton ride with Nicole Meline

I transitioned to 20 minutes of Ashtanga YOGA comprised of Surya Namaskar A and B followed by deep lunging, Hanumanasana (split), Trivikramasana (standing split), Supta Trivikrasana (reclining split), Chakrasana as transition from the recline (backward roll to chaturanga), Natarajasana, and Urdhva Dhanurasana (backbend wheel pose). Plus traditional closing sequence.

But what was so freaking sweet?

My Gwendolbirdie.

Ever since her surgery and eradication of the cancer, she’s behaved like a pure, unadulterated PUPPY. Here she was, on this morning’s walk. Incredible!!

I swear, she is me, but a dog. Does your dog directly mirror you? I think your answer will be YES. 🙂 Gwendolyn never stops. And post surgery? She wants to PLAY PLAY PLAY.

Tonight’s practice was the sweetest ever because she literally brought her toy to me, when in my first downward dog. And instead of saying NO to permit my strict exercises, I said YES. Stationed in downward dog, I had one hand planted to ground, one attached to her toy, playing with her as I maintained my steady breath and yoga focus. And when doing my flow, she chased the toy which I had thrown, it made my heart dance in the fashion of pirouettes to engage with my girl like this, in her ninth year, fifth month, twenty-fourth day on Earth. 🙂

I don’t have any pictures of tonight’s amazing experience, but here are the pictures from our EARLIER practice where she looked passionately for the cookie hidden in my bra top. Ha ha ha!

That is all for tonight. Namaste.