YES. The greatest, most divine of commentary appeared at my post, My Perfect Boyfriend. It was intended to be criticism, but I received it as complete COMPLIMENT. Hermajesty wrote:

You see sex as a transaction and an orgasm, so you see masturbation as more efficient. You want your “boyfriend” to be a robot so that neither you nor “he” will have to feel any empathy for a fellow human being. For us lucky folks, sex is both physically satisfying and a deeply emotional bonding experience. To care so deeply for another person that you feel a physical, emotional, and spiritual union with him, as well as a physical pleasure that masturbation can imitate but not duplicate. Being alive is about connection to other human beings. Being HUMAN is about being part of a species that cannot survive without human interaction, human touch, and human empathy. The robot is you.

YES YES YES. Thank you, Hermajesty, for your careful submission. One of my dearest of friends, Violet Black, has called me “Nicole-Bot” for over a decade. But why do I love your comment oh so much? Because it helps to deliver the mission of this blog. At the heart of your intended-to-be-snark-of-a-comment is the root of why I write this blog. Nothing in the natural world is the same. Eating disorders might have similar appearances, but they all have their own stories. Two people might share a similar Ashtanga yoga practice, but their yoga lives are completely different and need not adhere to the same “yoga rules.” And, for me? I’ve never associated romance with sex. Ever. It’s all too mushy mushy and silly and a waste of time. Romance to me is walking in the park with your love and the dog. Romance to me is riding  bicycles together. Romance to me is having martinis with your date at the classy bar. Romance to me is writing to the heroic man that you met online. Romance to me is watching a film together (or even apart and then discussing it).

Thus, feeling empathy and spiritually uniting does NOT require canoodling in the bed together.

So yes, call me a Robot.

And call sex a transaction.

A is A.

I am a Robot who is a part of the human race. And I like my place in it so damn much.