The other day, a high quality man asked on what I’m seeking in a boyfriend. I replied, “I am not seeking a boyfriend.” So he clarified: “What qualities do you want in a boyfriend?” I replied, “I want no qualities. I require qualities.” And I thought that I would list those for you!

The Qualities That I Require In A Boyfriend

  1. He must drive to the merge point.
  2. He must use turn signals.
  3. He must enter and exit a tunnel without applying the brake.
  4. He must parallel park perfectly.
  5. He must be tall.
  6. He must run marathons, not sprints.
  7. He must be clean.
  8. He must be punctual.
  9. He must be kind to animals.

I think these nine items are very simple requirements, but they do say so much as the manner in which a person drives and treats animals implies everything about their “politics” and way of existing. Don’t you think?

Have a great day!