Thank you, Fake News Media, for opening my eyes to what I am certain is The Great Love of My Life. We are talking human love. Clearly, the greatest love of my life is my canine Gwendolyn. She is my baby and my everything. But as you will soon learn in my upcoming book, the next stage of my life will include a new factor: the love of a man. I shall not divulge the details behind this proclamation, but I shall simply state that up until this point in my adult life, I have been unable and unwilling to accept love. This is now different. And my heart has been stolen.

By Elon Musk.

The Fake News Media presented Elon Musk, last week, as smoking marijuana and drinking scotch on the Joe Rogan Experience #1169. It was terrible reporting, one that would make the consumer believe that Elon Musk is an irresponsible business man. But, something about it attracted me. The smoking and the drinking. The fact that he obviously cares not about public and stockholder perception attracted me. So I decided to view the episode. Two and a half PLUS hours?! Nothing can hold my attention for such an extended period of time, other than President Donald J. Trump. But I began watching anyway.

And I was blown the heck away.

He is fascinating!

Not only has he sold me on the importance of reducing gas emissions, but he has me fantasising about the day of when I can love him in the flesh. Programming of Tesla cars to dance ballet to symphonic music? Digging of holes in California to create underground tunnels for transportation because he doesn’t like sitting in traffic? Offering of artificial intelligence warnings to government? Each time that Elon Musk nodded in the video, I found myself nodding in sync. I am sending him a forward copy of my upcoming book and seek to have a romantic date in March of 2019, the exact date that Dagny Taggart met John Galt.

And for your viewing pleasure, I present to you podcast episode #1169 of the Joe Rogan Experience featuring my heart throb of Elon Musk.