Last year, a friend told me that Kaya’s a great place for practicing flexibility. He was absolutely correct. And, it’s interesting because the flexibility that I practiced last year belongs to another world, to another time, to a completely different person. And I only realised this just the other day when reading my old post.

In The Flexible One, I wrote about being rushed and flustered and unhappy. I didn’t eat. And, I remember feeling so super subpar. Removing my coat to reveal my too-tight dress, I wanted to be anywhere but Kaya. It’s sort-of how I felt on the yoga mat for much of last year. I wasn’t able to be a vibrant girl, on the yoga mat or at Kaya, because I was covered with chub. Yet I practiced the flexibility that was needed at that time. It seems silly and trivial to me now, but it wasn’t back then. This was me, last year, at Kaya.

This was me, last night.

I sent these pictures to my mother, and she replied, “Wow. You look like a different person.” Pleased at her reply, I thought, “That makes sense. Because I am a different person.”

It’s hard to explain because it’s more so a feeling than a tangible list of things comprising the difference. Yes, I’m the same human being. But everything is different now. It’s just so happy.

We enjoyed Caribbean Rainbow Salad!

mango, papaya, red pepper, onion, basil, mint, cilantro, sesame seeds, pepitas, plantain, malanga, chickpeas, garlic, tomatoes, avocado, jalapeño

Hush puppies! Bc we love puppies, hehe.

And how funny! For YEARS, I agued the up-charge on brown rice sushi with the owner of China Palace of Sewickley. But, she knew I’d pay it because I wanted my good sushi. A great business lady. And guess who I bumped into last night! She, too, was celebrating her birthday! It was really nice seeing her. 🙂

So how did I practice flexibility? Simply stated, I was relaxed and cool. Sure, it had something to do with my fitting into that favourite BCBG Maxazria silk dress from 2008 which hasn’t zipped since 2011. I wore no bra. Just pantyhose and four-inch black pumps. Very minimal and perfect. It’s my 33-year-old dream birthday outfit. And I was so thrilled with it. Additionally, I eat food now. Last year I was just getting into the groove of becoming “normal,” figuring what could work for my body; so although I wanted dinner last year, I said no.

On both birthday occasions, Kaya was a great place to practice flexibility. Just like a yoga mat, Kaya is now host to my changing self. I might change. My practice might change. But that’s being flexible. And it’s so damn nice!

Have a good day, and namaste.

Where do you practice being flexible?