We’re all entitled to cranky days, right? That was my yesterday. The girls badgered me about scheduling a dinner, and I simply said, “No. I’m busy that day.” Becky offered, “It’s because you can’t drink, right?” Well, sure it is. Who wants to sit around with their girlfriends sipping tea and breaking bread? Not me. As the day wore on, I became angry that I’m limiting myself on activities that I consider as fun (drinking martinis). One thing led to another in my non-stopping head, and I felt suffocated by my own rules and by people, just regular strangers walking on the street; and I was just plain jane bored. BORED. Needing to be somewhere free and flying, I was literally the crankiest girl on Earth. It was really low, and I wanted a drink. Instead I went for a long walk with my dog.

And she convinced me to go bicycling. “Mom, get on your bicycle.”

So I did. Cold and miserable, I took off.

What a crab.

When I got hot, needing to remove a layer, I glanced at my crabby pictures. They made me laugh a little.

And then I saw this beauty of skyscrapers and really felt like an ungrateful hoe. This is what I called myself. The name calling gets huge when I’m angry.

And that made me laugh. What a drama queen.

Why don’t I enjoy “eating” out with my friends? I just don’t. Would I shower with my friends? No. So why pay to do a basic need with my friends that doesn’t please me?

Here I was, last night, dining with my dog after the bicycle adventure. It was glorious!

There she is!

And here we are, no longer cranky, saved by the bicycle. 🙂

Moral of the story: It’s okay to be cranky. Ignore everyone in the process. Don’t drag them down, too! But to get rid of that crankiness, ride your bicycle. It’s the best medicine in the world! Have a good day, and namaste.

What’s your cranky medicine?