“skinny” is to my eating disordered friends what “lean long and strong” is to my yoga friends.

and that is exactly how i felt, all of a sudden.

it hit me like a cannonball, at 7:33pm, whilst flowing through Warrior II.

i looked at my arms, and i didn’t see MAN ARMS.  i spotted something that i’ve worked really hard to achieve during the last three years of yoga practice, something that is very thin yet characterised by beautiful muscle!  and then my legs felt firm and powerful, as though i could hop into my old pointe shoes and dance with mikhail baryshnikov, competently.  then i felt this amazing surge of energy through my abdomen!  and just five minutes before that, i wanted to QUIT the evening practice because it felt fake.  i wasn’t into it.  i still felt puffy.

it’s taken since sunday, almost an entire week, but i’ve finally recovered from the comments which my ex bulimic mind had misconstrued.  my head, suddenly, snapped into excitement for a weekend of healthy food and fun after nervously fearing it, up until that exact moment.

so then it was party time!  🙂

remember Pug Guy?  we attended his birthday celebration!  and he paid for our drinks!  “whatta man!”

happy birthday, Pug Guy!  🙂

i didn’t bring a coat. fashion ranks. ALWAYS. 🙂
here are my MAN arms! and gwendolyn’s tshirt reads, “The Bitch is Back.” it was significant because i felt like it stood for my epiphany of getting over Sunday. the bitch is, indeed, back. 🙂
puggle partied too hard! 🙂
arrival home around midnight! time to mangia! 🙂 xx

happy friday!  tell us about one fun thing that you’re doing this weekend! 🙂

xo nicole & gwendolyn

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