Hello! It is February! I hope that you are doing marvelously. This post provides update on the State of the Side Hustle.


In the month of January, I rode 657 miles on the Peloton bike for my chosen charity, 412 Food Rescue. This amazing organisation works to prevent food from entering into the waste system thusly feeding humans who otherwise do not have the means for proper nourishment. Thank you to everyone who has donated. I exist at 37 percent of my fundraising goal. My mileage accomplishment of 657 equates to 21.1935484 miles per day. Thusly, if I continue at this exact pattern, my ending year mileage will be 7,735.64516. Thusly, 7,750 is my goal.

I need only to accomplish 6,000 miles, as I am riding with a team of yoga loves @cece.carson and @helenehopyoga. And, together, we have aimed to achieve mileage of 18K. But I suspect that together, we shall accomplish so much more! These girls motivated the boogie monster out of me in January. Cece pedaled at a consistent pace, I think at around 17.5 miles per day, Monday thru Friday, with 25-ish on the weekends. ImpressiveAF. And Hélène, after sunning her gorgeousness in Mexico for a fortnight, came to the bike like a force with which to be reckoned!! She is almost caught up to us because she has pedaled passionately with joy and determination. OH MY GOD, how do I love these girls, let me please count the divine ways. My only question is this: why did it take me 35 years on Earth to meet them? If you will like to donate to my cause, you can do so here: Nicole Marie Story Fundraiser Site for 412 Food Rescue. I shall be so grateful!

My Book

Everything that I have ever done in my life successfully has been slow and steady. I run marathons versus sprints. And that is completely analogous as I have never competed in a running marathon! Everything that I have done in my life unsuccessfully? I stopped before the project was completed because I don’t fail at anything. I simply do or don’t. What’s the point in failing? I want to be amazing at everything. Everything else is a waste of time.

If you review my college transcripts from sophomore year forward (when I began controlling my education versus my parents), you’ll find that I had either As or Withdrawals. LOL. I think there was an F or two that I couldn’t argue myself out of and simply ran out of patience with the institutions so decided it wouldn’t matter in the long scheme of my life – but for the most part, As and Ws are what you shall find.

And in 2017, it was my goal to publish my book, the one that I’ve been writing since the day that I became bulimic on 21 August 1999. But then something else happened – I decided to restore my blog. And that became THE HUGE PROJECT of 2017. It took so much labour to accomplish the restore, from August to 12 December, thus erasing my original book publish goal of 11 October then 12 December. So I then set my sights on 27 February 2018. And I shall have it completed by that date. But it shan’t be perfect by that date. I am not going to rush it because I have many other projects happening right now, and with the release of Gary Vayernuck’s new book, I want to absorb his information and use my social networks to engage my audience, to earn readership, to earn the right to be read. I have a lot of work to do, to build relationships, before I can sell a book. Additionally, I am writing about very sensitive things, and I want to ensure that I am presenting the information as powerfully and gently as possible. Thusly, here is my generous marathon-like pace with regard to the book:

27 February, complete writing of book

March, April, May, June, complete editing of book

June, photo shoot for book cover (my hair will be longer and divinely gorgeous!)

March – July, passionately build relationships with online community

9 August: PUBLISH.

The 9 of August is my half birthday. What better way to celebrate my half birthday than with a book publishing? August is also the time of when everyone goes quiet – vacations – retreats – it will be a great finale summer read, delivered directly to your houses in the Hamptons, and I shall be chuffed if you will include it in your agenda.

Oh yes, here was my reaction to receiving Gary’s new book!

From my Instagram:

theyogaballerina OMG. 😃 #CrushingIt by @garyvee arrived today. Its strong presence inspired me to try a wild yoga pose that I’ve never tackled before. And I succeeded!!!!!!!!! 🤩♥️🤩♥️🤩 The raw video is too good not to share!! Yes, I might be an alien. 😂👽 I “met” Gary Vaynerchuk on 30 June 2011 when someone recommend that I start a blog. And I immediately ordered Crush It!, his first title; and five days later I started my epic blog which now stands as the only seven-year live documentary of how I crushed an eating disorder and achieved joyful living. Who would of thought that a Russian immigrant who hosted a wine show on YouTube would be an inspiring missing link to my smashing of the bulimia and other eating disordered practices?! 😃 What a divine human, someone that I call a friend even though we have never met in person YET. His is a mind that deserves to be on Earth. I am so glad that he wasn’t born as a tree. 😂🎄 Thank you, Gary.

My Instagram and Blog

Officially two formal side hustles. For the month of February, I have a list of favourite Instagram friends that shall be the target of my love daily. I need to consistently do this, as they are so important to me. Then, beginning in March, I am employing Gary V’s $1.80 Instagram Strategy “which translates to leaving your personal .02 cents on the top 9 trending Instagram posts for 10 different hashtags that are relevant to your brand or business every single day. By the end, you haven’t just left your .02, but a full $1.80 of thoughts online in the specific category, niche or industry you want to become a part of. I have always discussed how important it is, not only to build influence but to build community and become part of the conversation online.” – (qtd. Gary Vaynerchuk).

My Children’s Book 

It is something DIVINE that I wrote as a child. I have two illustrators in mind. I have no set plan for this yet, but it is on the list.

My T-Shirt Company

More information to come. But I am listing it because it is real.

My FaceTime Yoga

I am currently exploring FaceTime Yoga with a few test clients. I am not sure if I love doing it, aside from my mom, so I might reconsider and focus on growing a YouTube Library of instructional videos. I think this YouTube idea might be more effective given my lack of time. I am listing this as side hustle because it is something that I am currently doing as side hustle.

My Book Two

Yes it is also currently being written in my head. And to be published in 2020. It is currently my desire to publish every other year, after this first book is released!

My Sleep

I am working on achievement of high quality sleep. I do not require much sleep, but in order for me to be ultra productive and happy for 20 hours per day, I need four solid hours and they are currently filled with adventurous dreams which are causing me to feel very unrested! I know this isn’t formal “side hustle” but in some ways, it is, because I can blog about it thusly contributing to TheYogaBallerina.com which is, indeed, side hustle.

That is all for now. Have a very beautiful day. Thank you for reading. Namaste!

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