It does not exist in my world. Nothing spontaneous exists in my world. Everything is planned, rigid, and disciplined. And, after living for 17 years chaotically, with an eating disorder, trying to find “balance” because society told me to do such, I am writing from a place of freaking joy and happiness and divine health. Because I now live in the extremes. Proudly. Because I am calculated. Because I live in my calculations. Because my sushi is calculated. Here is the story of Tuesday’s divine sushi.

It was the premiere of the second half of season two of This Is Us, one of the very few television shows that I watch. My history of selective television viewing is Sex & The City, Damages (Glenn Close), Fraggle Rock (in the 80s), and now This Is Us. So I needed to do it big, or not at all. Gwendolyn and I partied it up.

Everything needed to be perfect.

First yoga.

My sister commented hilariously on this picture. She wrote, “I love this! And nothing better than a view of my sister’s vagina to start the day off on the right foot .” She is the funny one in the biological family. Oh how do I love my Stephanie, let me please count the ways! I completed a Peloton ride and freaked!! My mileage did not appear to my tally record. I emailed support, followed by posting dramatically about the issue on FB, and it was resolved. All of my mileage was, indeed, tendered as desired, and this leaves me stationed at 187.95 miles for #PelotonYoga18K where this year, I am riding 18,000 miles with my yoga sisters @cece.carson and @helenehopyoga. 🙂 

Next up a glass of vino because I needed to clean my apartment. There could be no way that I could watch This Is Us without every surface area being scrubbed and vacuumed and washed and what have you! Cleaning is fun. But it is SO MUCH MORE FUN with vino.

Cleaning your body is so much more fun with vino, too!

I am very dramatic.

Someone was not impressed at my manic antics. She is the cutest little crescent roll on Earth!

Whoops! It was now quarter past nine o’clock, and I realised that it was now or never!

The 50-mile round trip for sushi must happen now, as the restaurant closes at 22:00 hours. We arrived at 21:59.

Home at 22:44.

Now you might be wondering, why on Earth has she not yet watched the premiere of This Is Us? Did it not happen at 21:00 hours? Yes, it did. But because I am an addict, I do not connect my cable box because if I did, I would watch television constantly, being counter-productive. Thusly, I do subscribe to NBC’s basic station (to get the good deal on Internet), but I cannot access it through a television, nor can I access it through live streaming because NBC does not own the local affiliate station. Only in markets where it does, can one live stream their shows. SO THIS MEANS THAT I MUST WAIT UNTIL IT AIRS PACIFIC STANDARD TIME when it releases on iTunes. Could I do it? On a day when I had risen at 04:00? Could I stay awake until 03:00 Eastern Standard Time, closing the total awake time at 24 hours at show-watching completion?

And, more importantly, could I hold-off on eating my perfect sushi until 03:00? I really wanted for the meal to compliment the show. Let’s see what happened.

At this juncture, at 01:00, I became so hungry that it hurt. Thusly, I caved, eating my divine sushi, wearing sushi pajamas, watching Paul Newman in The Verdict. And, we fell into a deep, deep, happy slumber until 05:00 when we watched THE MOST AMAZING EPISODE THUS FAR of This Is Us.

Well, one of us watched. 🙂

I am Kevin Pearson.

Want to know the details on this declaration?

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