This morning, at sunrise, I received a sunny text message from my mother, “How are the spare ribs?” Hilarious!! And you know what? They’re okay. For the past two days, I wanted to crawl into a rabbit hole and die. In my overzealous way of doing things, I royally screwed up something, so much that I surmised perhaps I’d broken my ribcage. That involved a big F. Several of them.

Yesterday evening’s yoga session took three hours to accomplish, three hours that I didn’t have, and it was just a half primary full vinyasa method, something that should have consumed only 75 minutes. I literally laid on my mat and cried. Whined. Moaned. Improvised. I couldn’t do shoulder stand or backbend, something that comes so easily to me!, let alone upward dog comfortably. And this, of course, made me feel like a fat hog. How could I injure myself? How could I be so reckless with my body? And how did I do it?

I know exactly how I did it. A few days ago, I spotted a yoga pose on the billion dollar leggings sale email from Carbon38. A girl, laying on her stomach, had her legs completely flipped over her head, reaching toward the ground. Sometimes I forget that my body is a little bit leaner nowadays than it’s ever been before, and I obviously bruised myself, rushing from the camera to the mat, to the pose, all in 10 seconds. I think it’s time to buy a new DSLR.

That said, last night, I slept a hard slumber. And, this morning, I awoke to freshness. My Saturday morning yoga client? Gosh, she just made my day. I had her in a full-out hanuman. For those of you who don’t know hanuman, it’s SPLIT. The kind that you see a gymnast doing. I asked her, “When’s the last time you did a split?” She replied, “Fifty years ago!”

How can that not make you the happiest yoga trainer on Earth?


And then I came home, and for the first time in exactly two months, we napped. So hard. For three hours. My ribs hurt at rising because I like to lay on my right side, snuggling Gwendolyn into a cacoon, and my right ribcage is the one that hurts, but I did my half primary, full vinyasa method practice anyway.

And I could have cried tears of happiness because every single movement was executed with a smile! With a perk! With a zest! With a sparkle! With the happiness that exists when you’re dancing under moonlight with the person who makes you the happiest in the world. I’ve yet to have such a dance experience with a human, but Dagny Taggart did not meet John Galt until 2019. 🙂

I now fully realise that pain, even that caused by reckless yoga, is cured best by YOGA. Yoga is so potent. It’s a medicine. A friend. Something that can’t be explained because it just is. And tonight, I did everything in half primary full vinyasa and wanted to complete the FULL primary series but stopped myself. Because yoga not only makes me stronger, but it also makes me smarter.

We shall now enjoy wine and dinner and slumber.

What is your last big injury, and how did you overcome it?

Have a good day, and namaste. 🙂