Have you ever felt contained by your skin? Imprisoned by the space that is yours? You want to lose weight, but the body doesn’t budge? You want to silence bad thoughts, but the brain chugs on? You want to change something, anything, but you are trapped? Is your life Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray?

This is why you should practice yoga. Inviting positive energy to fill spots previously closed, a yoga practice creates space and happiness in the body. As we learn to control that space, rather than being controlled by it, our bodies begin to move in positions never before considered possible, allowing us to work with the world, instead of working against it. Our minds fleet with joy. We live more compassionately with respect to ourselves, and to the earth. Space opens, and Einstein’s theory of relativity is thereby ratified.

This weekend, I made space in my life, for the first moment in two years. Meditation is good accompaniment to a yoga practice, and for me, meditation is walking in the quiet, enchanted forest with my dog. She was so happy! And the experience made me cry. A perfect day.