I am writing this blog post at two o’clock in the morning, from a super zen place. Having just finished a yoga practice, my weekend is concluding, and I’d like to tell you about it.

We did absolutely positively nothing.

This is very uncommon and therefore newsworthy.

After writing and publishing “bc what’s a week without seeing a picture…,” we ventured outside for a little baby walk around the block. But it turned into two hours of fun in the snow!! A long, fun, glorious, blizzard trek!!

We ordered takeout afterward. A hot fried tofu and mushroom curry. And watched a movie. Beyond the Time Barrier (1960). For space geeks and rational thinkers, it’s a freaking GOOD film. A little corny midpoint, but the last 10 minutes propels the brain to really think and to continue thinking (days later) about the film’s message, which I’m not even ready to announce what I think that is because it’s that deep. “In 1960, a military test pilot is caught in a time warp that propels him to year 2024 where he finds a plague has sterilized the world’s population.” – IMBD. Definitely worth the see if you’re a science “fiction” nerd. Streaming on Netflix.

After the movie, we ate some chocolate and took a nap.

Upon awakening, we played with her new toy.  🙂

Then took another nap because we were both so exhausted from playing! We’re old girls! 😉

At nighttime, we ordered more takeout, the same exact curry that we ate for lunch. Ha ha! And watched a movie. Proof (2005) starring my girl crush Gwyneth Paltrow, the great Anthony Hopkins, and the cute Jake Gyllenhaal. “The daughter of a brilliant but mentally disturbed mathematician, recently deceased, tries to come to grips with her possible inheritance: his insanity. Complicating matters are one of her father’s ex-students who wants to search through his papers and her estranged sister who shows up to help settle his affairs.” – IMBD. Excellent film.

And then we poured our bottle of gin down the drain because we were tempted (and we’re in the middle of an alcohol-fast), sentencing ourselves to bed very early because sometimes it’s necessary to recharge instead of getting into trouble which is possible when time exists to twiddle one’s thumbs. 🙂

Sunday morning brought another long, gorgeous walk! She wanted to GO and to EXPLORE!

A selfie.

I look so stupid without her!

Met girlfriends (humans and dogs) for another long walk! Such balmy temperatures! Such fun!!!!!

And visited Bed Bath and Beyond, posing in front of our favourite, very industrial-romantic looking silver settings by gs.

It’s so funny because we own the Avalon set, only reading the “formal description” almost two years after its purchase, finding the words to describe my personality to a T…

“Avalon flatware sets are the perfect mix of classical flatware elegance and earthy rustic charm. Bearing the most graceful of flatware patterns, its delectable detail makes this flatware a delicious accompaniment to any meal. Mysterious and brooding, your Avalon stainless steel flatware has a dark side. A beautifully polished top blends seamlessly with a textured black body. Avalon flatware’s delicate detailing belies its durable dishwasher safe design. Made to last the Avalon’s heat-forged stainless steel construction is backed by a 25-year warranty. Created from 18/10 stainless steel with a 8mm cylindrical gauge, Avalon stainless flatware feels so good that you won’t be able to keep your hands off it.” – gourmetsettings.com

And tonight we watched Elegy (2008) starring Ben Kingsley and Penélope Cruz. It came as a Netflix recommendation because I’d recently watched Cairo starring the gorgeous Patricia Clarkson who also stars in Elegy. An interesting phenomenon, after watching the first few minutes of Elegy, it occurred to me that I’d watched this film before, but long ago, during its original release. Back then, I felt sorry for Clarkson and Kingsley’s characters. Now, I think I’ve become that, and I couldn’t imagine existing any other way.

The exercise that I planned (2 yoga + 1 bicycle trainer sessions) did not happen. BUT, we did happen to venture to Mt. Washington where I could think of NOTHING MORE than riding up and down the hilly streets like my Flashdance Girl, and I imagined what it’ll be like to ride freely with excitement as a thinner person this year. I’m truly thrilled for that. And I think that Flashdance will be viewed later this week, on the return of martini night, because Michael Nouri is too freaking sexy to enjoy without a martini. Does anyone else’s heart skip a beat when he dresses the dog in a bow at the movie’s end? I love it every single time!!!!!!!!! (and I’m always so wrapped into the movie that I forget about the amazing ending until it happens). 🙂

Oh ya! I finally did my yoga! Just a little over an hour ago. Better than Green Tea by Kathryn Budig on YogaGlo. And I must say, I really like her. Remember the piece that I wrote about The Armstrong Lie and Kathryn Budig’s Body? It’s interesting because after I published that, I began spending more time with Budig on YogaGlo. It’s almost like I relate to her. Our bodies got big together, and then we both had to find our yogas. Her yoga has changed dramatically since I first experienced her at YogaVibes in 2011. Mine has changed dramatically since those manic cardio yoga days. But slower is exactly what I need, right now. So I’m really grateful for Budig. A cool lady. Creative. And a puggle mom. 🙂

That’s all.

I hope that your week is divine!… better than green tea! 😉

Have a good day, and namaste. xo