When my dear girlfriend Candace exclaimed earlier this week, “Oh, dahling! You look simply exhausted!” I couldn’t help but to secretly smile because I interpreted her comment to mean, “Because your face looks bonier, you look tired.” Score. But then yesterday, when my eyes hurt so badly and I couldn’t get warm, I knew it was, indeed, true. I was exhausted. It had been since mid-February when we’d done a reboot, causing us to feel like a slowpoke bulky Commodore64 instead of the gorgeous shiny svelte iMac with retina display that we prefer to be.

So yesterday was an absolute reboot.

A little bit of Billy.

A little bit of yoga (wearing jeans… I was too lazy to change into yoga pants!).

And a divine amount of really GOOD food!!

It’s our junk food, really. The most gorgeous salad on Earth. By the Cheesecake Factory. South Side Works in Pittsburgh. And I hereby compliment GM Rod and his entire team, especially Valerie, who have been accommodating to my very specific requests on this salad for the last decade! This Cheesecake Factory management team is amazing, and I betcha’ that you’ll want their salad, too, after seeing the pictures. Well, you’ll want my highly twisted version of their salad, hehe. This is a take-out ONLY salad because it’s impossible to experience the thrills from it when surrounded by people in a restaurant! Honestly, when I dine out, I dine to socialise, not to nourish. And this salad is 100% for nourishment.

The order: “Hi! I’d like to place an order for pick-up please. Yes, the Luau Salad. No chicken. Heavy vegetables, especially the mango, onion, and green beans. My dog likes the green beans. I do not want the regular dressing, but I would like two full-sized containers of the Thai Peanut Sauce on the side. Plain won tons, no glaze whatsoever. No macadamia nuts. No complimentary bread and butter. Oh yes, and a gorgeous side order of steamed broccoli for my dog. Thank you very much.”

Her majesty’s broccoli.

She prefers eating on glass to plastic. 🙂

And mommy needs to cut those big pieces!

Drizzle raw goat milk atop!

A gorgeous linear presentation featuring a random beloved floppy ear. 😉

I love nothing more than to watch my dog enjoy her food.

And of course smoking my carrots like they’re cigarettes.

Complimented with a glass of vino.

I like my food to be linear, too.

Just like the body.

Add one wonton.

Add the other!

Add the dressing. I love lots of dressing.


Mind you, I realise this salad is enormous. And my reduction of it in my life is huge factor for my recent weight loss. I was getting this OFTEN. Now I eat it maybe once monthly. I’m very regimented. 🙂

Monkey see.

Monkey do!

I share the entire meal with her, of course. It’s our treat.

Let us please not forget about licking of the dressing containers. I shall not show you my participation in this event:)

And we have rebooted.

Have a good day, and namaste!

How do you super reboot?