Dress Code: “Come as you are.”

Immediately, I was enamoured! The dress code of Salt of the Earth, a hip Pittsburgh restaurant by Chef Kevin Sousa and Architects Doug and Lisa Cruze, speaks mountains for the flavour one experiences when behind the gorgeous sign of NaCl, the chemical equation representing not only table salt, but the restaurant itself. Zing zing says this little chemistry nerd and yoga lover. Acceptance and brilliance. Two points before even entering the doors.

Attracting social butterflies, foodies, and those who appreciate harmony with their dining experiences, Salt of the Earth is, hands down, the coolest restaurant to grace the culinary scene of Pittsburgh in a long time. The menu, short! The, drinks, sweet (and salty)! The experience, divine!

The concept is “to provide an exceptional dining experience without all the unnecessary pretense and added cost of conventional ‘fine dining.'” Sousa and the Cruzes attest that “the space, food, and service reflect [their] views on what [they] think a creative American restaurant can be.” (SaltPgh.com).

Written on a chalkboard decorated by pretty luminaries, “the menu consists of core items that will be available daily throughout the season. In addition, there is a rotating cast of items that will change weekly to further take advantage of local and seasonal product procured in its prime.” (SaltPgh.com) Offering vegetarian, vegan, and meaty dishes, the restaurant caters to any diet, organised into a menu uniquely defined by Start, Main, End, and Drink.

Limited ingredients! Limited options! All in the effort to execute each dish at the highest level possible. It’s so perfect, like an Apple Store for the taste buds.

Featuring an open kitchen, the main dining area is communal. Three long, wooden tables seat 12 people each, a small bar seats six, and a kitchen bar accommodates eight, creating a gorgeous, lively environment. Conversations and energy all around! And elbow room is reportedly non-existent on Friday and Saturday nights. How powerfully attractive!

Upstairs, private and reservation-only, the mood is darker and perfect for a quieter experience. In the photograph, one can spot a glimpse of an upstairs diner. Very cool, like a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock film!

Before my (tardy) arrival, Becky ordered The Millionaire’s Shortbread (End) and Australian Riesling (Drink), finishing just as I arrived!

My gorgeous friend!


My drink. Not on the menu. But created upon request. Dirty gin. And they don’t do olives here, rather, capers! Salty and interesting and flavourful!


Dinner came next. Seitan, featuring kale, polenta, and pine nut. Vegan.

We ordered the same, Becky’s bowl looking so adorably cute from across the table!

Here we are, two girlfriends, leaving happily and bubbly, looking forward to our next soulful experience at Salt of the Earth!

Very creative. Very good. Very yogic. Salt of the Earth is a Pittsburgh gem.

What do you think?