the date was good!  🙂

he cited several articles from my blog which was so flattering.

in fact, upon arrival, i apologised for our 25 minutes of tardiness, and he responded, chuckling, “it’s okay, you were writing a blog entry which posted about 10 minutes ago.”  how’s that for accuracy?  🙂

and truly, it’s the first date of my life where i discussed the two things that have characterised more 37 percent of my existence: spelling my words like the british do… and the eating disorder.

enough about that.

onto the restaurant:  i am floored by the gracious owners and wait staff of Vivo Kitchen who extended special care into accommodating gwendolyn!  not only did they bring fantastic drinks for me and Pug Guy (including quick clean-up and replenishing of the martini that i knocked over, haha); but the owners, Lori and Sam, delivered a special bowl of water, in a silver plated bowl, for my princess.

although we didn’t experience the food, i spoke of vegan options with the Lori who stated, “anything is possible.  just tell us what you want.  we can work with you.”  that’s very important to a person like me, one with “nutritional requirements.”

and for the finale, gwendolyn was gifted with a scrumptious meat bone, hot from the oven!  she licked that thing all night long!  bravo to Vivo Kitchen.  we will be back.  frequently.

primping for our date with Pug Guy!
arriving at the restaurant, rocking her donna martin 90210 jean skirt.
How many dates would REALLY snap your photograph, with many people watching, knowing that it will accommodate your public blog review of his date performance? 🙂
thank you, Vivo Kitchen, for making gwendolyn so happy! and thank you, Pug Guy, for a great date!

how do you address the subject of nutrition, food, and exercise when on a date? 

© nicole marie story and, 2011.