Watching Ashton Kutcher as an older Steve Jobs pulling organic vegetables from the dirt was one of the sexiest things I’ve ever observed in my life. Mind you, I don’t find men attractive on the merits of appearance alone. He must have an interesting brain, too. And Steve Jobs was the man of men! I imagine he washed that dirt-decorated carrot and created something great from it. Something vegan. Something raw.

Which leads me to a friend’s question: “Would be curious to hear your thoughts about Raw Foodism – I have been eating 80 percent raw and this is really making me feel safer and less prone to starving myself again. I have been wondering where you are with your meal system! I eat mostly green smoothies with fruit, huge salads, avocados, and nuts – ok bye!”

I love her.

And I really had to think hard about her question. First off, how does eating raw make me feel? The answer is DIVINE. Last summer, my Becky created the most gorgeous of raw meals for our midday soirées.

Even our dogs mooched the food. In fact, both of our dogs eat very strict raw (not vegan) diets because 1.) raw food has been proven to inhibit the growth of cancer in dogs; 2.) raw food keeps those pearly whites as just that, pearly white!; and 3.) the body is not working to constantly digest, affording it time to create new beautiful cells and therefore good health. My dog has picked several fights in her lifetime, and she’s recovered nicely, I think, because of her diet.

But let’s get back to our raw vegan lunches. Over time, they took a backseat to busier schedules and to the convenience of fetching pre-made vegan sandwiches by the pretty sandwich girl at Whole Foods. It wasn’t until recent that I’ve craved, with all of my might, the delicious raw creations of Eden, a raw restaurant located in the Shadyside shopping district.

I tie this raw craving to my new love affair with yoga; and I kid you not, raw food is all that I’ve craved for the last three weeks. Unfortunately, I find myself in the complete opposite geographic direction of Eden at dinnertime, and it’s disappointing when I’m stuck with ordering Thai or raw sushi. But I’m not going to create these divine raw vegan dishes for myself. Becky even affirms that buying the ingredients, dehydrating, blending, yada yada is just too much work.

So the short answer is that I won’t be a pure Raw Foodist anytime in the foreseeable future. The long answer is that I would love to live as a pure Raw Vegan Foodist because it’s so perfectly healthy, clean, and delicious, this love being true so long as I constantly existed within a mile of a great raw restaurant at dinnertime and or employed a handsome personal chef who worked on my very specific terms, with exceptions made for hot soup in the wintertime, spaghetti dinners in Chicago, and the occasional piece of raw fish in the summertime and Christmas Eve; but until then, I shall order raw vegan takeout from Eden when in Rome.

So it’s doable. Steve Jobs did it. Donna Karen and Demi Moore do, too, and their gorgeous bodies totally reflect it! But it’s a very hard system to maintain. Raw Foodism is certainly in my future; but for now, I’ll stay friends with the cute sandwich girl at Whole Foods.

What do you think of Raw Foodism?