I am growing in my yoga practice. So intelligently. So spiritually. So powerfully. It’s becoming the thing that I think about, from sunrise to sunset. And I am quiet. Kind. This person who I enjoy being. When my days get rough, I think about the muscles moving to my breath, a breath that I can hear because I am reserved. Observant. Completely changed because of what I’ve found with Ashtanga.

Today, a lovely human being, one with whom I often interact, invited me to yoga at PNC Park, to yoga at her client’s house, to yoga together, just for the sake of sharing energy. And I said no. Yoga, for me, is not something social. It is rather something very special, and I can only share it with my very specific tribe, those humans with whom I entrust my thoughts and dreams. Yoga has become more than an exercise to me. It has become something very sacred.

In the traditional Mysore forum of Ashtanga, one practices alone, independently, following the rigid system as set forth thousands of years ago by Patanjali, all whilst guided by a guru, something that I’ve found electronically with Mr. Lino Miele. It is amazing. It is perfect. For me.

For the first time in my life, I am aware of how my body feels. It is different, in the morning, than in the nighttime. Is this due to my age? To my lifestyle? Or simply to the general manner in which a body exists? My practice is so different, nowadays. My brain is, too.

My cravings for food happen differently, in response to my practice. I am hungry before yoga, often ravenous, but I am not hungry afterward, despite having eaten nothing before. I am less loving before, of myself; yet I am full of joy and hearts afterward, for my tribe, for me.

I want to figure how to teach this amazing thing, this amazing Ashtanga, in the way that will rationally and emotionally affect my clients, like it’s done to me.

And I find that I no longer want to write about it. No, I do, as I have ideas; but I’d rather just sit, afterward, being quiet. I have consistently posted pictures to Instagram for about a month now, and I know that I do not belong. I do not participate in the fancy, flashy, grow your Instagram-base initiative. I just want Instagram for me, and for maybe affecting those who think like me, who want to see pictures of the Ashtanga system. And pictures of my dog. 🙂

Yoga is quiet for me. And I like it this way. I like sharing it this way.

I am The Quiet Yoga Girl.

Have a good day, and namaste.