the strangest things happen in our town.

during this morning’s walk, we bumped into a friend who presented us with a sealed envelope.  containd within was a photograph of my face, depicting the after effects of an intense binge and purge session.

snapping this photograph in a bulimic haze at 9:29pm on 11.22.2008, my mind, at the time, rationalised that by revealing concrete evidence, to a friend, of the bulimic frankenstein, the monster would die.

of course, disproving this assassination theory, frankenstein thrived for another 589 days.  and gwendolyn dealt with it.

i’m happy, as is gwendolyn, that my friend saved the crazy email and photograph of subject.

today, before opening the letter, my friend warned of potential emotional reaction to its contents.  he was correct, as the photo indeed prompted emotional excitement, one of happiness to share this concrete evidence of “recovery.”  i asked to pose, “face-to-face” with the bulimic monster.

and now, for the feature presentation, gwendolyn and i unfold to you, “posing with the bulimic monster.”

me, posing beside the bulimic monster. 11.22.2008 (left) and 06.15.2011 (right).

© nicole marie story and, 2011.