we’re in new york!

i didn’t think i’d ever imagine interacting with another species who could match my level of compassionate bitchiness, but, indeed, i have found it!  . . . in the new yorker!  🙂

I FREAKING LOVE NY!  any mr. bigs love puggles and wanna get married?  😉

we’re sitting at a cafe, the first that we could find in the throngs of walking heels and cowboy boots . . . the first that served alcohol . . . and the first that could make a mean grilled chicken for the princess.

yes, we’re at the “barking dog.”  don’t laugh.  it’s actually quite cute.

but tonight, we are hoping to get into blossom.

thanks for reading this update!  please add whatever comment you wish about new york!  we can’t wait to read ’em!  🙂 xx

@ barking dog nyc
sleeping whilst mommy finishes her second martini. (ps: those are kate spade “gwenni” heels).
snapped this photo upon exiting from the lincoln tunnels! SO “an affair to remember” / “sleepless in seattle!” why don’t we live here yet???

what do you LOVE about new york?  please answer comprehensively so that we can experience your favourite!  (if it’s dog friendly, of course!).  xx

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