Arriving in her chariot, the fashionable athlete paused to appreciate the gorgeousness that was Pittsburgh on this fabulous day of extreme athleticism!

Minutes before race commencement, however, she freaked out! ย Lack of breakfast? ย Lack of sleep?


She wanted a fashionable pair of pink Nikes that so many pretty, athletic, toned women were sporting! ย Temper tantrum justified!

Who knew that a marathon could be like Fashion Week in New York?

(Pseudo fashion week until Chanel designs couture running outfits which will never happen, hopefully! ย Chanel is intended for afternoon lunch and for the runway, NOT for marathons).

Luckily, seconds before race time, she calmed, posing with the officiating security guards.

(Does that title make sense? ย We created it, since we, respectfully of course, know almost nothing about marathons, ha!).

And they’re off!

A very fast man!


Parched from cheerleading!

Yes, cheerleading is an intense sport, requiring strict hydration for its athletes!

Cheerleaders fancy snapping photographs of themselves whilst the main event is happening. ๐Ÿ™‚

Race photograph…

One more of the cheerleading section! ย Yeah!

After the race, to re-charge our bodies, we ventured to Starbucks for a Vanilla Rooibos tea and Pomegranate Cashews! ย nom nom nom! ย This drive-thru photograph ironically captured a distanced road sign reading, “Pittsburgh,” perfectly summarising ย the morning!

Oh the excitement and healthfulness of the city was contagious, catalysing us to pump along for 25 miles of glorious bicycle activity, as though it had only been for miles of three! ย Congratulations to all of the race participants… especially to those sporting gorgeous pink neon running shoes! ย You win the Running Girlย Fashion Award, an annual award, designed by nicoleandgwendolyn.

Love, nicoleandgwendolyn, your fashionable race cheerleaders ๐Ÿ™‚

What is your marathon running experience? ย Please share!

ยฉ Nicole Marie Story and, 2011, 2012.