I wrote the most incredible reply, in the middle of the night, to a blog reader and friend who questioned about the mechanics of Peloton and Yoga.

“N, how does peloton affect yoga muscle/memory ? Are you as flexible ? Have you had the time to notice any change? I wonder about the effect of heart/lung elevation as it relates to ability to slow it as yoga influences. Do you find that the different disciplines are supportive of each other or are there trade offs ?”

Here is my reply to Michael, posted at 03:16AM:

“Michael, because of Peloton, I can breathe in my yoga practice. Everything on the mat, everything in my life, falls into perfect place, for me, because Peloton enables me to practice a healthy rendition of yoga, for the first time in my life. How does Peloton affect my yoga muscle/memory? It awakens it. Am I as flexible? I am more flexible: physically and mentally. Heart lung elevation? My heart and lungs now exist with wings. Supportive disciplines? Oh yes, they are the best cocktail on Earth, even more divine than a gin martini.”

When I officially awoke from my slumber at 07:00AM (I slept in), I read over my middle-of-the-night reply with joy. Because it seems that I can write rational poetry when between dreams. And OH, do I have dreams!


I feel as though I’m sounding like a broken record on this incredible day reporting, or, to modernize that record analogy, I’ll state that I feel like a Boomerang with audio. LOL. Having this #PelotonYoga18K pledge to ride 18,000 miles in 2018 with my yoga girls @cece.carson and @helenehopyoga has changed the playing field for my riding game. For the first time in my life, I am SO EXCITED to ride not because it will burn calories and keep my booty in check but rather to raise loads of bucks for the 412 Food Rescue. And I am also excited to stay accountable to my commitment to my yoga girls and to those who have donated to my campaign – thank you, to all of you. I’ve raised $150 and feel bad ass because of that.

Today I rode 21.31 miles.

The ride? A duo dated December 2014 with Nicole Meline and Robin Arzon. It was freaking cool to observe the early years of Peloton. These girls were amazing before they set the high bar for amazing. AMAZING.

Some yoga. Duh.

Meeting Becky to walk our baby girls in these tundra temperatures!


I have no compassion for men when they announce a sickness. And my biological father announced today that he is sick and in bed. I felt bad because he sounded like hell, but I simply cannot get on board with the sick thing. I have not been sick, not once, since 2010. It is because I live perfectly. Including consumption of loads of raw garlic per day. I sent this picture to my dad, this evening, to irk him. Ha!

But here is how I usually consume my raw garlic. IN A DIVINE GIN MARTINI. 🙂

Enjoyment. Joy. Joy. Joy.

Gwendolyn exists in a state of joy. 🙂

Namaste. 🙂 xo

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