Happy first anniversary to nicoleandgwendolyn.com.

7am Bicycle Ride, 14 miles – super challenging, with hills!
“Excuse me, gentlemen, I just came came to say hello.”
Dressed to impress!
donating clothes!!
purging clothes is another addiction. πŸ™‚
Replenishing our KΓ©rastase OlΓ©o-Relax Hair Serum.
“Will you join us for lunch?”
Love. πŸ™‚
Our lunches.
Everything is prettier with cranberries!
Pearly white chicken! Pearly white teeth. πŸ™‚
Hello, Nordstrom!
Mommy, I want to be in Vogue, too.” #PuggleProjectLollipop πŸ˜€
“I’ll watch your bag, mommy.”
Fashion Girls.
Dinner! Gobbled one Octopus whilst driving… hey, that’s how we ‘roll.’ πŸ˜‰
Happy Blog Anniversary to nicoleandgwendolyn.com πŸ™‚

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