I believe in Utopia. In Perfection. In the pursuit of, accomplishing of, and basking in the fruits of, our wildest of dreams!!!!! This is one of my favourite poses, Bird of Paradise. Because, to me, paradise is the state in which we should exist. Every single day should be like paradise. I do not live for vacations, for the weekend, or for a break. Every breath that I take is my choice and in progress of living in the highest state of pleasure as possible. Paradise, to me, is Utopia. Every single day, to me, is Utopia. Have you viewed the 1937 film adaptation of James Hilton’s great novel, “Lost Horizon?” You should. It depicts a Utopian life of amazing health, peace, and prosperity… which just so happens to be the three items highlighted in the Mangala Mantra which is recited at conclusion of the Ashtanga yoga practice. The film is freaking amazing and I hereby assign it to you!! Here is my Bird of Paradise, or, in Sanskrit, Svarga Dvidasana. 

Today my legs felt more powerful than in quite some time. I rode my dear Jennifer Jacob’s EDM ride on Peloton with a big fat smile glued to my face throughout. I think that my mouth burnt more calories than my legs! Ha ha ha!

Ah, and speaking of perfection, how about that perfect best human friend Becky? She met me and Gwendolyn on the street corner to give me my weekly dosage of food crack AKA my Hawaiian Kale Chips!!!!! Can you believe that she does this for me almost weekly since my birthday? In my post entitled, “Let Them Eat Cake,” I described these amazing things:

So what WAS my birthday cake? Of course I wanted something special and divine. Thus, like the bratty little girl that I can be (yes, I stomp my foot when I don’t get my way), I begged of my dear Becky to dust-off her dehydrator to create raw vegan Hawaiian kale chips. The recipe involves kale covered in a goop of macadamia nut, cashew nut, date, amino acid, nutritional yeast, and other things of which I cannot recall BECAUSE I SUCK IN THE KITCHEN. 😉 Twenty hours of processing later, and we have this!!

Here I was, on my birthday in February…

Here I am today!


Today. LOL.

Not much has changed. There still exists a kale dot on my teeth in both pictures because I could not resist nourishing my mouth before picture capture. Oh yes, and Gwendolbirdie!! Here she was, in February, at the time of kale chip exchange!! Party hats and all!!

And today… 🙂

Now it is six minutes to eleven o’clock in the evening, and I sip the most perfect martini on Earth. Love you all for your sweetness, and I very much look forward to your viewing of Lost Horizon. It is completely epic.