Last night, six girlfriends raced against dramatically BUSY schedules to meet for a DIVINE dinner party, honouring the FABULOUS birthday girl, my dear BFF Rebecca.

It felt like a scene from Sex & the City, actually: girls zooming from different ends of the globe, having just finished completely different, very important, very fabulous things, just to meet for girls’ night, the most important night of the year!! I can’t rest my tongue on the exact episode, but I can see Samantha hailing a taxi and Carrie’s curly hair looking so gorgeous. I can see amazing four-inch pumps. Skinny, athletic legs. And I can hear the music score playing!!

This was strikingly similar to our girls’ night, but fast forward 15 years, delete New York, add Pittsburgh, delete voice messages declaring lateness, add group texts of “OMG I’m so late!”… “I’m late, too!”… “Order without me!”… and it was simply put: FABULOUS.

I was the last to arrive, just 50 minutes later than scheduled. It took 10 minutes to shower, to throw on a dress, and to decorate my body with the parfume commissioned by JFK for Jacquie O featuring flowers that grow only at nighttime in France.

When I arrived to the table, the ladies ALL exclaimed, “You smell divinely! Is that lilac?” Then a discussion ensued on how everyone is wearing their grandmother’s parfume. So interesting! Honestly, I chose my scent because JFK was hot, Jacquie O was exquisite, and I love the raw nighttime. My scent is very quiet and pretty, and I’ve only just begun (#TheCarpenters) receiving compliment on it since becoming thinner. Odd! Then, the server offered, “I’m standing by THIS girl! She smells SO good!” Hilarious and flattering, I accepted the compliment whilst joining the party that had already begun.

Did I forget to mention? We all know each other because of our DOGS. 🙂

Dog mommies we are!! I ordered the beet salad, veganised. Remember, I do not nourish when socialising, but rather order food because everyone else is doing so, and I must represent for the blog! 😉

The martinis, OKAY… not divine. Honestly, they weren’t strong.

And I like strong.

After the party, waiting for valet, we snapped pictures.

That’s me and the birthday girl. She’s a rocker, and I’m a new age duchess. And here we are, laughing, caught on camera candidly! 😉

After seeing these pictures and freaking loving my legs extending from the pumps (I wore old Donald Js because it was raining!), I’ve decided to retire THE DRESS that’s been with me for almost A DECADE. By BCBG Maxazria before it became a household name. I’ve worn it to SO MANY events. But something held me back from purging it. And tonight, I reveal an ED secret to you…

My last romantic date happened in September of 2011… here’s a picture from it… weighing exactly 6 pounds thinner than I am today…

Of course Gwendolyn attended the date!! If a man wants me, he knows that my dog is included with the package. 🙂 I’m still great friends with the man of this date. A very high quality fine fellow. This was after I said no to the after dinner…

And this picture, one year and five months later, marked the climax of my decline to fat land…

January of 2013.

Over two years ago.

And now we have skinny abs again but the memory of being in that fat manner shall never leave my brain. I shall never judge a person for their body, situation, what-have-you… not just because that’s how my brain thinks, but just because I’ve experienced it ALL. And fat happens to rational people.

And this beautiful dress? It’s no longer my style. I wore it last night because it suited the cold weather at last minute’s notice, and I have nothing else warming in my closet! Tomorrow it goes to Goodwill.

So did I eat yesterday night?!?!?! Well, we departed the PARTY so late that everything else was closed (I said a few F words), and I therefore could not order DINNER, AKA the real nourishment of my day! Boo hoo. Boo hoo so hard. So I collapsed onto the ground with my DOG. 🙂

And bought THIS in the morning. SO happy.

I probably bought another BURRITO for lunch and ate it for breakfast, too… because that’s how we do. 🙂

Have a good day, and namaste!


What’s the last great party you attended? 🙂