Oh! Oh! Oh! Today is Oh So Exciting Wednesday! On our morning walks, it is ritual for Gwendolyn and I to check the prior evening’s lottery ticket(s) at the convenience store scanner. We use multiple convenience stores based on my gut “feeling,” and sometimes, on this walk, we buy a ticket for the new day. This morning, I decided, however, that we would purchase not a ticket, rather waiting for later in the day when passing of another convenience store. As we strutted toward the store to check our tickets, me wearing short shorts by Free People with abs that are looking oh so fine after a complete new refocus, my lips coloured in crimson and steel by Christian Dior (Black Coffee to be exact – and you haters call me racist – ha), and my eyelashes long and luscious with a ballerina bun for my hairstyle, and Gwendolyn smiling and trotting and prancing like a queen… this sexy man figure with muscles and height and the essence of an Ayn Rand hero, stood outside of the convenience store, and he exclaimed with his sexy accent, “I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT YOU THREE MINUTES AGO! WHERE IS SHE? DID SHE MOVE TO NEW YORK? I HAVE NOT SEEN HER LATELY!” I smiled madly as I adore this big hunk of man. He told me, months ago, that he formerly operated a grand construction business in South Africa, and when the market crashed, he closed shop immediately; and like black and white, he moved to the United States to start a new life. He reminds me of me. He doesn’t wait and twiddle his thumbs. He goes for what he wants. And he gets it. Thusly, I became so excited at his comment and replied, “THIS MEANS THAT WE MUST SPLIT A POWERBALL TICKET.” I reached into my bag for two dollars, and he said, “No no. I want to put in a dollar. And you keep the ticket.” I mean, come on, how flattering it is to have the trust of a man that I barely know? But when you trust someone, you know it, from the start. There is no earning of trust in this world. It either is, or it isn’t. And as he printed our ticket, it kept printing and printing and printing! It literally printed our details followed by centimetres upon centimetres of blank paper, ha ha! And he announced, “It’s the longest Powerball ticket ever!” We both laughed and laughed and laughed! Thusly, if we win, I shall show up tonight at his shift with Moët and my old Vera Wang champagne glasses and my Gwendolyn! And this all happened before 6:15am. LOL. What is exciting about your Wednesday? Namaste!