It’s half past ten o’clock of the nighttime, and we’re having a party!! A grand party!! Every single cell in my body bursts with energy and happiness, and I simply must divulge the details of this most amazing Saturday!!

“You have that Loretta Lynn country girl x cold industrialist x that dancer from the 80s movie who splashed water on her body look going on.”


I replied to my sister’s early morning commentary, “Oh, Stephanie! You mean Flashdance?!”

When she confirmed my interpretation, I exclaimed such joy! Such appreciation! Why? Of course because my sister truly knows me better than anybody to create such a description (country x industrialist x flashdance). And to be compared to the Flashdance girl? That’s epic!

Let’s rewind, a little bit, please. We slept until half past seven o’clock, rising to the sun, to a very cold apartment whilst burrowed underneath of our very fluffy white covers. Very glorious. Very luxurious. Very unusual to sleep beyond 4am, so you can understand the novelty of this moment! I punched it out with Billy Blanks. Primped quickly. And headed to the automobile with Gwendolyn when this conversation happened with my sister. And then off we set! To the most amazing mommy and Gwendolyn day ever!!

First to Pointe Breeze Vet where Gwendolyn received her leptospirosis and lyme’s boosters. They are so very wonderful and kind at Pointe Breeze. The technician commented, “Gwendolyn is so cute and happy! We love cute and happy dogs on Saturday mornings!”

Then we ventured to Free People where I needed something to go underneath of the sheer red romper that I bought online. After stalking this romper for a month, I finally found a S in the San Francisco store, and it’s not at all what I stalked online… much too big and floppy, and I’ll never iron it, so I said NO WAY, JOSE. 🙂

But I LOVVVVVVVVVE the bra and shorts that I found in the 3 minutes of shopping…

Here’s the first picture, before we tried the clothing. I love how she’s looking at me!

Next, off to fetch takeout brunch! Because we’re not Eden brunch addicts or anything. 🙂

Then to Pearl, greeted by resident Buddha the Rottweiler! Gwendolyn likes the big boys.

We had some work done. 🙂

Queen Tut.

Then we bumped into Becky at the park!!

And we rolled and rolled and rolled!

So happy.

Followed by BRUNCH. 🙂

A nap. And an apple.

This evening, I completed a practice by Jodi Blumstein on YogaGlo featuring old school sequences as taught by Pattabhi Jois in the 1970s. Nothing works my body, challenges my mind, and calms me to restfulness like does Ashtanga. I am so very excited to share something really cool with you, something I’d never experienced in any yoga forum before tonight. In traditional Surya Namaskar (sun salutation), one completes the exhale fold as pictured…

Inhale lift to fingertips…

And this leads to jumping to Chaturanga Dandasana. But in today’s practice, I learnt that classically, performed, one does not lift to fingertips, one rather leaves hands flat, lifting heart and extending like so…

Such an amazing feeling.

Additionally, with Ashtanga, I am doing things that my body could never do before. I am stepping backward, taking modification for jumping through my arms to a seated position. Because I can’t do it perfectly. Yet. And, as you know, my body isn’t lotus-ready, something about my ankles just won’t allow it, but after working Ashtanga for two weeks, tonight, in the closing sequence, I held “baby” lotus for at least five minutes, and my body felt like it existed in another world. Another time. Furthermore, something about Ashtanga makes me take the closing Savasana, something that I fought and REJECTED for years. All of this concentration and zen is divine, so much, but don’t let that mislead you: I still get high from doing fun tricks! 😉

After yoga, there exists no rush to live. I walk my little dog like there’s no schedule. I order my sushi and don’t get ruffled at the hour-long wait because everything is right, and things take time. After my yoga, I thought, man, I’m so strong and ENERGISED that I could should go for more! Another yoga class. With more chaturangas. A bike ride to a Saturday night Twitter mix! But I am smart this time and know my healthy limitations. Yes, I push them. But I know them. And I shan’t fuck them up.

So we exercised at Nordstrom. I needed fancy beach shoes. Flip Flops. 🙂

Do you like my new bedtime tshirt?

OCD… obsessive cycling disorder. 🙂

Have a good day, and namaste. 🙂