The most amazing present ever given happened in Atlas Shrugged.

“She brought out the bracelet of Rearden Metal. She extended it to him without a word, looking straight at him, the green-blue chain glittering across her palm. Holding her glance, he clasped the bracelet on her wrist. In the moment when the clasp clicked shut under his fingers, she bent down to them and kissed his hand.” – (Atlas Shrugged, P. 279).

I drew hearts, circling this paragraph. And I’m not a heart-drawing, lovey-dovey kind of girl. The kissing of Hank’s hand is the greatest gift ever given from one person to another. Dagny recognised Hank’s accomplishment by demonstrating her earned right to adore who he is.

Christmastime and my birthday suck. Family wants a list. And I want nothing. I don’t want to be given a thing that I want. I get myself what I want. For my present, I want to earn something unique. Something for which I don’t ask. So for Gwendolyn’s birthday, I give her something unusual, every year. A trip to New York. My baby blanket from 1982. A parade around town with her girlfriends. Sure, a new gorgeous faux fur mink bean bag from Restoration Hardware will be divine, but that’s an everyday need. Not a birthday present.

So this year, I’ve decided to gift my dog with a month of mommy abstaining from alcohol. I love my drink. But I love my dog more, and I think that although I’m not drinking heavily, this will make her birthday month the freshest, happiest month on Earth. And I think my body will like the freshness, too.

Will you join me?

Have a good day, and namaste. 🙂