The most EXCITING activity on Earth is slipping into a sexy, delicate, silky, barely-there red dress complimented by five-inch velvet, black, designer pumps with intention of strutting your cute little body for which you work so very hard, knowing that your powerful new crush might glimpse your picture on the WEB. I did that on Friday.

That last picture is of my grandmother, one of two gorgeous thriving grandmothers. She earns the right to strut as well. She looks so amazing! Can you please believe that she is aged to 81 years?! Gorgeousness.

And then it came time for my Pelo BFF #WillRide4Cosmos’ 300th ride!!!!!!!!! I freaking TOTALLY goofed off, as tomorrow starts a military existence on my riding life!! (details to be announced). It was such a FUN riding morning.

5,067 miles in 2017.

9,809 miles in 21 months.


Here’s my BFF! Live from her 300!

If I were a lesbian…

Kristin and I celebrated life with noon-time cocktails!

Do you love her earrings that I discovered from 1708Mala, a friend’s Etsy shop, in GREECE?

She is prettier than pretty.

So is my mushkie.

Rewind, you can’t miss my traditional Bebe track suit with Timberland boots, ha ha ha! And the best Polaroid camera on Earth, gifted by my Kristin. She knows her girl. 🙂

It is the cusp of the New Year, and we are partying as quite hard.

Last night’s din din.

Yesterday I discussed with my treasured friend and esthetician about our New Year’s Body goals. My goals, for once in TWO DECADES, is not to be something, but to maintain something. It’s an amazing place in which to exist. She replied to me that she will take baby steps.

And I needed to agree.

I started my blog, “” on 1 January 2015. It took until 27 April 2o16 to find Ashtanga Yoga, and many more months to find my Instagram Ashtanga family AND my Peloton family. And how I love them so, let me please count the divine ways.

Thank you for a BEAUTIFUL 2017. I love you all. Madly.