My mother’s job, in the 1980s and 1990s, was to manage the family. This family included my dad, two sisters, and myself. And I’ll never forget of how devalued she felt, when it came time to complete my college applications. When asking for her profession and income, the reply was, “housewife” and “zero.” She told me never to find myself in such a place. She told me never to rely on a man for money. And it hurt me so badly because my rational brain knew the truth. My mother NEVER rested. Not one single time in my childhood. She worked so hard, from before sunrise to after sunset, to in the middle of the night, that it’s completely disheartening that one stupid little application could make her feel so badly. She was the reason that my dad could work outside of the home. She was 50 percent of the reason of our family. Sure, things weren’t perfect, as I was clearly nuts and developed an eating disorder, but things were as perfect as I could ever want them to be. My mother was INCREDIBLE. My mother is, and shall always be, INCREDIBLE.

And, in writing of my book which is scheduled to be published in the next few months, I remembered something that really makes me smile so hard from here to Pluto and back.

As previously stated, my mother managed the family. She did not work outside of the home. But, I remember, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, at Christmastime, she operated a cookie business from the confines of our home!! I remember people coming to our house to buy the BEAUTIFUL cookies that she baked during the day and during the night after my sisters and I retired to our slumbers. I was so intrigued by her operation, by the beautiful, elegantly boxed cookies, by the CASH, by the referrals, by the buzz amongst my school teachers that MY MOTHER was the creator of these gorgeous Italian delicacies. And, in retrospect, I realise that she was a freaking entrepreneur. She was the original side hustler!! She did everything that Gary Vaynerchuk preaches before it was a trend. Hell, she was doing it 30 years before it was a trend! I am so incredibly proud of her side hustle. I am so incredibly proud of my mother.

And, this is the little story that I want to share with you, on this Mother’s Day.

My Mother, The Original Side Hustler.


What amazing thing do you remember about your mother?