In late October, I hurt myself. Trying to fit Lap Nine into my day, the skies turned dark, and I found myself riding in the nighttime decorated with rain. Kaboom! Falling on cinders, maybe on my lack of concentration, not only did I leave Lap Nine incomplete for the night, but I got a ride home. In an AUTOMOBILE. Because I was shaking and didn’t want to fall again. Asking for help is very unlike me.

I haven’t told you about my little secret because the reality seemed embarrassing to me. I hurt myself because of stupidity, because of my exercise addiction; and that is inexcusable. It’s taken four months to correct it. And I never thought there’d be an end in sight.

And this is my little secret: I couldn’t stretch my right quadricep. 

Me, miss bendy, could not do a simple quadricep stretch for all of these past months because of the bicycle injury. You know the standing kind where you bend one knee, grab the foot, and pull the foot toward your bottom? Yes, I could not do that. This of course, was very tragic. During yoga practices, I felt like an aged marathon runner. I considered seeing a physical therapist. I googled the symptoms. I tried to pinpoint the issue. I tried to find yogic recommendations to correct it.

The remedy? Patience. 

My dear internet soulmate Françoise, in December, complimented my growing eyebrows. I told her that my aesthetician recommended using Rogaine for regrowth because 15 years of tweezing and waxing likely killed the eyebrow root. And I told my aesthetician (and friend), “I know my body. It’ll grow back naturally. I’m just being patient with it.” Françoise liked hearing this because she’s trying to be patient with her body. She said that I inspired her. But really, she inspired my patience with my quadricep.

So I was, indeed, patient with my quad. And on my birthday? During my birthday yoga practice? It bent! It stretched! Without pain! Like in the olden’ days! Yay!!!!!

I wasn’t even thinking about it. Practicing in a split (hanuman), I bent my back knee, pulling the foot tight to my bottom. And the next day, it happened again. And again. And again! Becky joked that it wasn’t just a yoga birthday pressie. 🙂 It was patience. And hard work.

Don’t ever give up on your body, people. It’s such an amazing machine!




Have a good day, and namaste!

How have you worked through athletic injuries?