Has it really been seven months since my last bite of raw fish? Yes! For a girl who loves her sashimi, that’s huge. And, it just kind of happened. When I stopped drinking like a fish, I stopped wanting fish. But I’m really glad that although I stopped eating fish for those seven months, I never assigned the word “vegan” to my style of eating because I just don’t fancy restrictions for the sake of complying with a school of anything as set forth by anyone but me. Additionally, vegan, to me, means not consuming animal products whatsoever, and sometimes a girl’s gotta have those leather shoes or this hot bag by Mulberry after which I’m lusting! *But in the colour of Oxblood.

I want the bunny, too. We’ll name her Francesca. 🙂

But back to fish. As mentioned earlier this week, when I get thinner, I want raw fish like there’s no tomorrow. And recently, I’ve craved it. Normally, if I crave something and can eat it rationally, I will have it, happily. And all week, I had a really hard time rationalising the fish.

The Problem

1. Did the lack of animal protein in my diet keep me healthy during this past winter? It’s the first winter that I’ve ever gone completely without animals or their secretions, and it’s the first winter that I didn’t get sick ONCE. Sure, I ate lots of garlic, but was cancellation of fish really the experimental group and not addendum of garlic?

2. Although I’ve returned to my happy weight, my body looks completely different than it has in past years of being thin. And I prefer how it looks now, as compared to those past years. I prefer how it functions now, as compared to those past years. Was cancellation of fish really the experimental group and not addendum of Tae Bo and Finding My Yoga?

3. Most importantly, I’ve been listening to Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s great podcast on compassionate living for the past two years, and during the past few months, she’s really struck a chord with me; and honestly, I’ve even found fly fishermen to be unattractive as of recent when in former days, I’ve considered them to be sexy. But it didn’t make me squirm when Kevin Costner as ‘Dances with Wolves’ ate a big piece of heart from the buffalo. Maybe that’s because he’s the sexiest character ever to be filmed, and he can do whatever he wants. Hehe. Even still, I thought a lot about the fish and their feelings over the past week. And I thought about what the fish ate that I’d potentially be ingesting if I proceeded with fulfilment of my craving.

4. I’m very particular, and if I’m going to fulfil a craving, I shall do it my way, even if it means driving 60 miles round trip for it. Remember when I did the Chicago trip to deliver a bouquet of flowers to my sister? It’s a very similar scenario. Sixty miles is a far way to drive / huge consumption of time!

In the end, I said YES!

Why? Because I realise that even if it wasn’t divine, one night of raw fish would not kill my aesthetics, my health, or more fish.

We started the party with a martini.

And one martini made me really happy, so I poured the remainder of last week’s bottle of wine. I only had a few sips, though, because someone just can’t drink like a fish anymore!

It was beautiful.

Bigeye tuna, albacore white tuna, scottish salmon (my favourite), hamichi yellowtail, escolar super white tuna, hokkaido scallop, alaskan snow crab, and seaweed.

These pictures make me so happy with the fish verdict.

And, yes, I needed octopus and eel, also my favourites (along with the salmon mentioned above). Sushi style, made with brown rice.

Everything about Jimmy Wan’s of Cranberry Township says class. The food, the servers, the decor. If I lived in the North, and if I had a date with a man, it would, hands down, be at Jimmy Wan’s. A very sexy, stylish, fresh restaurant. The best sushi and sashimi in the world. Bravo, and I’ll be back soon! xo

Readers, what food do you love so much, disqualifying you from the vegan club?

Have a good day, and namaste!