In 2011, I wrote a blog post entitled, “My First Bulimic Christmas.” My 2017 brain’s response to that post? “Oh my God! That girl was freaking crazy!” Laugh out loud. Back then, I existed as one year sober from 11 years of bulimia, and everything was emotional and fearful, otherwise known as everything that drives me bananas in my confident state of life. So yes, that girl of yesteryear makes me laugh out loud. But she also makes me so very proud! Because I see that I wasn’t in a healthy place and that I needed to work damn hard to figure out my way of healthy. And oh have I figured it out!

The holidays are tough for someone with an eating disorder, and coming from a place of good health, my advice to you is this: fight like heck and make holidays something that you enjoy. They need not be traditional. You don’t need to eat your mama’s Christmas cookies if you know it will lead to a binge purge cycle. Don’t be afraid to man up and do your holiday, on your terms. That’s how I’m spending Christmas! On my terms.

Last night that meant celebrating with our divine Sewickley groomer, Precious Pets.

Today, that meant coming closer to achievement of my 2017 goal of 5,000 miles with Peloton! Whop whop!

I am now just 52.57 miles away from 5,000. That number will be smashed.

More parties all throughout today and tonight.

Such a divine time to be jolly and light.

Speaking of light, I took my yoga practice easy this morning because I was seeing stars after so much riding! Had zero time to warmup my back so performed regular bhekasana versus the version as presented by Chicago Yoga Lab, and it felt so very divine on my very used quadriceps!

That is all for today! Merry Christmas Eve!