The sweetest thing happened during this morning’s breakfast purchase. THE SWEETEST THING! I’m currently hooked on The Complete Cookie by Lenny & Larry’s in the style of peanut butter. It is complete gorgeousness. And the cashier is so so so so sweet. He’s probably a college kid, and he has a hispanic style about him. Total soft and sexy accent if you’re into quiet and hispanic. Today he asked me, “Why do you just buy one, every single day?” I replied, “Because I was bulimic for 20 years, and it’s my way of controlling my addictive personality with regard to food. It’s kind of like alcoholism but replace the alcohol with peanut butter.” He replied with a big smile, “Ooooh. Well I’m glad you were bulimic because you brighten each of my mornings.”


Here’s a few issues that I have. Despite my statement, I wasn’t bulimic for 20 years. I was eating disordered for 17 and a half years, bulimic for only eleven and a half. So I need to find a way to communicate that properly, but with less words. I mean, because we can technically round 17.5 to 20, is it okay to say 20? No, I don’t think so. Perhaps I can say, I was bulimic for almost two decades? And actually, it can be true because there were points in the later years of my disordered life where I binged on food (not in the tens of thousands, but more than a normal person would eat), and I would compensate through excessive exercise versus vomiting (because I promised Gwendolyn on 4 July 2010 that I’d never vomit again). So I think going forward, when giving my elevator pitch, I shall state that I was bulimic for 17 years. But then I’m discounting myself by an entire half of a year. And 20 sounds so much more powerful!

What do you think? What should be my elevator pitch?