I am thrilled to announce that my premiere book shall launch in exactly one week, on July 9, 2019! The title is “Donald Trump and My Eating Disorder.”

The description is, “Author Nicole Marie Story is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary story. She describes, in graphic detail, her life of seventeen years of disordered eating, including behaviours of anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating, and of how President Donald J. Trump influenced the end of her great war with food. This is the first ever book on eating disorders published from a place of strength versus one of weakness. It is written from a place of winning versus one of losing. Additionally, she writes of how Donald Trump became her hero at the age of nine in 1991, before she knew anything of the greatness of the Trump name. Fast forward to 2015 and she called the presidential election from day one, living for three years as an undercover Trump supporter, to protect her work and friendships. Other subjects discussed include Fake Yoga, Trump Derangement Syndrome, abuse of #MeToo, illegal immigration, sex, skyscrapers, and her beautiful dog Gwendolyn! The book entertains, educates, and inspires! Samastitihi.”

The electronic version is available for Pre-Order now on Amazon. I appreciate any and all Pre-orders! The paperback version will be available on July 9. Likewise, I appreciate your support. And for those who love President Trump, please feel free to spread the word amongst real news such as Fox News about my exciting publication! For those who love President Trump not, please feel free to spread the word amongst Fake News such as The New York Times, HuffPost, The Washington Post, and CNN! If you buy or help, please tweet me publicly at @yogaballerina using the hashtag of #DonaldTrumpAndMyEatingDisorder so that I can offer my gratitude.

The intended audience of my book is all humans on Earth.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! Namaste.

July 9 ,2019 update:

Purchase paperback on Amazon.

Purchase Kindle edition on Amazon.