As you can see, it’s actually pretty small.

But it’s huge theoretically speaking. Three times this week, I’ve received comments about my body. The groomer asked if I lost weight. The Whole Foods girl called me “Muscles.” And my very body conscious and glamorous friend, think classic gorgeous like Zsa Zsa Gabor, exclaimed, “You look skinny today!”


Girls like us don’t throw out the thin compliment unless we mean it. She’s said to Becky many times, “You’re so thin!” But never to me, until today. It was like winning a gold medal. I appreciate that she said today because it’ll keep me on my awareness game with eating and exercise. I won’t go backwards and be just regular “tomorrow.”

Or ever again, for that matter.

That said, what’s super exciting and healthy is that in the past, when people “start to notice” changes in my body, I react by going overboard. Add a bit more of exercise here, delete a bit of food there. But this time, it was a whole new world, one that I’ve never experienced in these 15 years of the anorexia turned the bulimia turned the after. This time, I craved a tomato.

A tomato?

Yes. In my tofu burrito. Although I eat only fresh, wholesome foods baked with love (by whole foods, by fab restaurants, by fab friends, never by me!) most of the time, sometimes a girl just needs her ketchup. I use it on weekends on my burritos and sandwiches, sometimes on my rice (I know, so gross!), and always in my puns. So I found it interesting that on a weekday when I eat my tofu burritos without ketchup, I craved the base ingredient of ketchup in its purest form.

It’s because I feel so pure. And successful. At being aware of chemicals instead of counting calories. The compliments on my aesthetics definitely sent me into happy drive.

I just had to pose with my tomato!

But something was totally wrong as proved by the selfie. Dirt and chipped nail polish! Oh my! And no, I wasn’t gardening. 😉 So an emergency trip to the nail expert was in order before I could eat a single thing! Before.


And now that many hours have gone by, we are ready to eat.

Eating purely is the only way to go. This is one thing that I know. Have a good day, and namaste. 😉

What do you think about my big red tomato?