I am laughing! The title of this post, “My Big Bell Pepper,” has me existing in a state of stitches. Ha ha ha! Let me please explain.

Remember “My Big Red Tomato” where I declared sobriety from ketchup? Yes, my sobriety date from ketchup was 8 August 2014, over three years ago! Trust me, every single time that I confess my ketchup sobriety to someone, I get an “Are you serious” kind of reply. Yes, I was addicted to ketchup, so I dropped it. Cold turkey. I get addicted to everything that I do, even ketchup. And when I notice an addiction (if it is a bad one), I say goodbye abruptly. As my dazzling friend Kristin says, I need a t-shirt that reads, “I used to be addicted to that.”

Day one of my ketchup-free life.

I replaced ketchup with tomatoes!

And then three years later, a fortnight ago, I fell off of the wagon.

Ha ha ha ha!

I fell off of the wagon and got drunk on ketchup. And it was so damn good. It was a craving in the making for about three weeks. Becky kept asking, “You haven’t done it yet? What’s taking so long?” No. I had not. I needed to create the PERFECT ketchup scenario. Ketchup and I had a lot of ketchupping to do. Ha ha ha!

With what food would I enjoy it? Where? When? Details. Details.

I settled on CHINESE. Steamed vegetables. In my automobile. At the noon hour.

It was mind-blowing.

Afterward I decided that I’m not going sober from ketchup again, at least for the foreseeable future because I do not sense an addiction toward it, at this time. I have not had a repeat event. Does that mean I’ve grown? 😉

But I have a new addiction. Right now it is a good one.

Allow me to introduce to you, My Big Bell Pepper.

The snacking life is real.

To what are you currently addicted?