remember the muppet babies?

today, as is standard when my schedule is treacherous, gwendolyn was a muppet baby, attending daycare at the misty pines dog park company!  🙂 she loves playing with her girlfriends!  and she loves misty pines!

i fetched gwendolyn from daycare, dressed in a nicole miller cocktail dress circa 2008, just having returned from a wedding! the reception is next… but how will i deal with the food factor?  we’ll see… stay tuned for more tonight!

enjoy the photos of “fetching gwendolyn from daycare.”  🙂

find the curly tail. 🙂  and check out my hairpin by kelsie!
gwendolyn poses with her misty pines boyfriend dan. she certainly fancies the handsome ones! 🙂
gwendolyn and mommy, reunited after a long day of separation! 🙂 so happy!

what does your dog (or kitty) do when you’re out and about? 

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