Today I have a very hilarious story for you! Last night, when fetching of my regular dinner salad, the new hostess asked, “So, do you walk by here with your dog just so that you can get this salad?” And then it occurred to me, I MOVED INTO MY APARTMENT THREE YEARS AGO JUST FOR THIS SALAD, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

So I told her just that. I told her that I live within walking distance because three years ago, I experienced the beautiful salad of subject and wanted to have it every single night.

They know it as “The Nicole Salad.” It’s my very specialised version of a salad that exists on the menu. Which basically means that I order their base salad with redecoration so that it completely meets my specific requirements and desires.

This is one of my big rules on how to live peacefully with food after 17 years of disordered eating. I never fret about “finding something” on the menu. I simply create whatever I want. ALWAYS. It just so happens that this salad was semi-perfect, so much causing me to move into a brand new apartment and to negotiate with the staff to make it my way, every single night when I am not eating sashimi, ha ha ha!

Most people move for love, family, or money. I moved for a salad. LOL.

Even typing that makes me laugh out loud.

I told the hostess that I’ll be writing about this at my blog, and she asked, “What is your blog?” So I told her that it’s a documentary on how I crushed a 17-year eating disorder. And that it influences humans to seek, to discover, and to live by their unique version of healthy.


I am pretty sure that I got the eating disorder vibe from her. She said, quietly, “I’m going to check it out.” Maybe she is living with an eating disorder, and maybe my little sophisticated thought bubbles from these past seven years of blog work will help her. OH that shall make my day.

All because of a salad.

Here’s a picture of Gwendolyn from yesterday afternoon’s walk. She does things her way, too. Ha ha ha! Namaste.

Why have you moved?